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CodeFourGaming’s VIP policies are in full compliance with Bohemia Interactive’s Arma 3 monetization rules  and our refund policies can be found here.

** Please note any in game cosmetics need player to be at least level 5 to take effect. This does not include reserved server slots**

Immediate Activation

In game VIP should activate automatically. If you are currently in a game when VIP is purchased please leave and come back to have it activate.

If this processes takes more than 15 mins please ask for help in the Vip Support channel in our discord.

Discord Roles

To get your VIP discord roles all you need to do is go to the Vip Support channel in discord and use command !viprole if your steam is connected to your discord account.

Or use !viprole followed by your steam 64bit ID if your account is not linked.

What are the benefits of VIP?

VIP Outfits

VIP Badges

Your Name in Gold

Custom Vehicle Skins

What is reserved slots/priority slots?

Also known as “VIP players”. If a server is full (fx. 75/80 players), only VIP players will be able to utilize the last 5 slots. When a VIP player joins a server, they take up one of 5 reserved slots on the server until a non-VIP player leaves and frees up a regular slot at which point the priority player is moved into that slot automatically, freeing up a priority slot again. This guarantees that VIP players are always able to join our servers, regardless of how full they are as long as there is at least one slot free.

What is VIP status?

VIP status grants you a golden in-game nickname as well as instant* access to all cosmetic options, vehicle skins, and a shiny golden tag on our Discord. VIP status however will not allow a player to override an in game ban nor keep a player who breaks the rules from facing an admin action or ban from our servers.

* the same cosmetic options are available to high-level players. Instant access means that you will gain access right away instead of having to level up first.

How long does it take?

Priority slots should be automatic on the server but may require the player to leave the game and rejoin. To get the VIP role on discord or to get help with issues related to VIP please go to the Vip Support channel.

Other details

IMPORTANT: We no longer offer reserved slots for RHS servers due to that mod’s own monetization rules.

• All packages last 30 days unless you select one of the permanent options.
• Severe rule breaking will result in a ban, just like everyone else.

**Please note any in game cosmetics need player to be at least level 5 to take effect. This does not include reserved server slots**

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