Frequently Asked Questions


What is your discord?

Our discord is and is the very best way to ask questions and get help.

How can I report a player?

Our discord channel #report-a-player has message with a react emote below it. Simply click the emote and a new channel will be created for your report that is private to you and the staff.

What do I need to report a player?

We need clear evidence of the player breaking a rule, follow the template given in the report channel. We take admin actions seriously and will not remove a player from the server unless we can be 100% sure they broke a rule.

How can I upload my evidence?

Videos can be uploaded to Youtube or Medal for example. We also accept Gyazo gifs or direct uploads of screen shots.

What if I have no clear evidence?

You can still make a report to let the admins know about a situation. It is possible we may be able to find evidence on our end to take action, or investigate a situation further. It does not hurt to make a report and just ask us to look into something, just do not expect a permanent ban to be given out based only on hearsay.


After selecting a team I get kicked from the server.

See the pinned message in the #support-channel of discord for instructions for “Deleting mission files on Arma 3”.

I cant find the server I want on the list anymore.

Get the server IP from the #server-status channel in discord or find it on our website server listings and use the “Direct Connect” option on the server browser.

I got removed from the game for voice spam.

This is an automatic ban and will be removed at the start of the next round. If this was a mistaken ban please be sure you do not accidentally have your PTT button double tapped in game and set to “always on”.

How do I know if I am banned?

Get your SteamID64 and use the !banned command in #bot-commands in discord. To find how to get your SteamID64 use the !steam command in the bot commands channel. If you are banned you can appeal it in the #ban-appeals channel in discord. Please provide us your steam id when you appeal and let us know what you got banned for.

I got a new steam account and can not join the servers.

Post your SteamID64 in the #ban-appeals channel of our discord and write that you have a new account and need access.


Is “Spawn Camping” allowed on CodeFourGaming servers?

 Yes, as long as they do no enter your safe zone on foot or with a ground vehicle.  Air vehicles are allowed to chase enemies in and out, however they can not wait or loiter inside your safe zone.

Is “Kamikaze” allowed on CodeFourGaming servers?

No, using any aircraft as the weapon itself (ramming) is against the rules.

For a full list of our rules links to server rules are in the #rules channel of discord and located at Discord specific rules are also listed in the #rules channel. Two rules of note however are below-

VIP / Reserved Slots

How can I buy a reserved slot?

You can check out the options on our VIP page for information on what we have available and how to purchase.

I bought VIP but do not have the skins in-game.

It can take up to 24 hours from the time the purchase is confirmed for VIP to be fully active in game and requires a restart of the game server to take effect. Server restart times can be found in the #server-status channel of the discord.

My VIP is not working anymore.

Make sure to remove any special character from your in game name and that you are connecting to the correct server. If VIP is still not showing up when it once did feel free to ask for an admin to help you in the #vip-support channel of the discord.

My payment is stuck pending.
  • If you got charged head to the #vip-support channel in discord and ask for help from an admin.
  • If you did not get charged yet, disable any AdBlocks and open the page in a private window to try again. You may also need to check with your bank to see if the payment is being held up. You may also want to try again with a different payment method. If you end up getting double charged, no problem, let an admin know and we will refund the extra payment as soon as we can.
  • Any further help with VIP or payments please just ask for an admin in the #vip-support channel in the discord.
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