About us

Our history

CodeFourGaming is a primarily Arma based gaming community originally formed in 2012 by founder “Riggs” as a host for Arma 2 and running the Wasteland gaming mode. Almost 10 years later we are now the largest Arma 3 King of the Hill gaming community with over a dozen servers and thousands of players daily. Our current owner and leader “RoidRage” originally joined the community in 2012 and now oversees the day to day operations and management of our equipment, admins, and over 300 members. Our discord community is also the second largest Arma 3 discord with over 26,000 users, second only to the official Bohemia Interactive discord.

As a forefront for the Arma community we are committed to bringing the best possible gaming experience to our players as we can. We do this by putting our funds back into constantly upgrading our existing server hardware for better stability and protection, as well as branching new servers out into more regions around the world to host multiple game modes for people to enjoy.

Our Staff

CodeFourGaming maintains an active roster of experienced and knowledgeable admins who not only help keep the servers free of cheaters, griefers, and rule breakers, but are also there to help with troubleshooting your game to keep it working and connected to servers. We also proudly have multiple in-house developers and designers who work on everything from more helpful discord bots, to in game scripts that provide a better in game experience.

CodeFourGaming is in constant communication with our player base on any possible changes to any of our game modes or servers so we can adequately reflect what our community wants. Over the years the base game modes have changed significantly to create a better game and much of that change was facilitated by player input. We hold semi-regular events on our servers with rewards to winners generally being limited free VIP and these events normally come about from our community’s player submitted suggestions.


The CodeFourGaming discord is the primary hub of our day-to-day interaction with our community, and the best way to get in contact with CodeFourGaming staff. There you will find links to helpful things such as our rules, how to purchase VIP, and in game codes to help earn more XP in game. Our discord is also where players can report rule breakers and cheaters to the admin team for us to deal with, or ask for support with any issues related to your game. There are channels as well for sharing tips and tricks, screen shots, videos, and just general banter about the game and to look for players to team up with. Members and VIPs will also have access to private discord channels to talk to each other. Voice channels are provided on our discord so players can better communicate to each other while in game, or to just have a friendly chat.

The Future of CodeFourGaming

No game lasts forever, no game mode stays popular forever. But CodeFourGaming is branching beyond a single game and a single game mode. Our goal is to provide a community for gaming well into the future with all eyes optimistically looking forward to Arma 4 and carrying our player base into whatever exciting new game modes it might bring. But until then we will continue to grow and reflect the needs and desires of our players so that we can all have fun playing the games we love.

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