The following are the requirements to become an Admin of CodeFourGaming:

Exceptions may be made for any of the following. However, still feel free to apply even if you don’t fulfill the requirements on everything. But obviously we will be taking those with them rather then those without the requirements.

  • 300 hours on CodeFourGaming servers.
  • 600 hours on Arma 3
  • Age 18+
  • At least 2 current staff members to vouch for you
  • Must be able to follow our rules and treat players with respect.
  • Must be active on Discord

Limit each field to no more than 1000 characters. If you get a red X at the bottom of the form when trying to submit, it means there’s more than 1000 characters in a field.

By submitting an application I agree to the following. I am familiar with the rules of C4G and agree to never hand out sensitive information such as passwords. I understand that failure to follow any admin guidelines or use any action that is deemed unprofessional may cause loss of admin and removal from the community. I understand that I need to be able to report any actions within the respective admin chat and be active within our servers and Discord.

Your Application have been submitted

You will hear from us soon