Discord and Website Terms of Service
Standard Discord Terms of Service and Privacy Policies apply to our private discord server. These can be found at https://discord.com/terms and https://discord.com/privacy. Furthermore we reserve the right to remove anyone from our discord server or website for any reason and at any time; not limited to the rules listed in the “#rules” channel found here – https://discord.com/channels/267333640495693826/364186803797884928/637110930953601047 These rules and restrictions above for the discord channel will also apply to the CodeFourGaming website as well and are subject to change.

Refund Policy
All payments made to CodeFourGaming are subject to the individual refund policies of the payment systems used to make the purchase. Payments to CodeFourGaming in exchange for priority slots or in game additions will not grant you access to our services if Terms of Service or in server rules are broken. Server rules are subject to change but can be found at https://codefourgaming.com/koth_rules or https://codefourgaming.com/wasteland_rules/. Furthermore we reserve the right to remove anyone from our services at any time for any reason regardless of any payments made. Removal from our services will not override the default refund policy of any payment system used and we will still abide by those individual policies that were in place. If you feel you are owed a refund, even if it is outside the scope of the refund policy of the payment system you used, you can contact an admin through the CodeFourGaming discord at http://discord.codefourgaming.com or email [email protected].

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