The following are the requirements to become a member of CodeFourGaming:

  • 150 hours on CodeFourGaming servers
  • Some level of activity on Teamspeak / Discord while playing
  • Use text channels on Discord to interact with with other members and staff, namely #member-talk
  • Once you join, you will be on a 1 month probationary period where any inappropriate or unacceptable behavior will result in being removed with no questions asked. After a month you will be a full member and able to vouch for other applicants
  • Do not ask for people to vouch for you. The people vouching for you need to have played with you for a little while and have talked to you

Limit each field to no more than 1000 characters. If you get a red X at the bottom of the form when trying to submit, it means there’s more than 1000 characters in a field.