The following are the requirements to become a member of CodeFourGaming:

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • 100 hours on CodeFourGaming servers.
  • Some level of activity on Discord. Use text channels on discord to interact with other members and staff. Once you become a member #member-talk is the main member channel, however you can use any text channel as long as your being active.
  • Once you join, you will be on a 1 month probationary period where any inappropriate or unacceptable behavior will result in being removed with no questions asked. After a month you will be a full member and will be able to vouch for other applicants.
  • Must have 2 members or staff vouching for you. Depending on your discord activity the vouches can be dropped. Do not go around asking for people to vouch for you. The people vouching for you need to have played with you for a little while or have talked to you.

Limit each field to no more than 1000 characters. If you get a red X at the bottom of the form when trying to submit, it means there’s more than 1000 characters in a field.

Your Application have been submitted

You will hear from us soon