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1944 is back

After some downtime due to some changes to the mod, our new 1944 servers are up and running. Check out 1944-US1 and 1944-EU1!

C4G on Discord

We reorganized our Discord, so that we can resolve issues & help you even better. You are all welcome on DISCORD!

New Koth No towers

Us 3 is new new Koth infantry mode with no towers. Check it out!

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Arma3 Servers

We host a wide variaty of servers such as King of the Hill Wasteland cherno/stratis and king of the hill 1944 check out our servers.

C4G Comunity

We are a gaming community that always welcomes new people that are looking for some good times although our comunity is mainly arma 3 based we play a wide varity of games so come and join.


You can hang out in our teamspeak theres always people playing there maybe you will find a couple of new friends.