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Rust NO KOS - Noob Friendly server!

With the recent boom in players swarming to Rust, we have decided to launch a rust server that caters to newer and returning players. This is a Limited PVP server with rules in place to help remove the toxicity that you see in most Rust servers. Come give it a try!
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King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a three team sector control mission within ArmA 3. As you play you will gain experience which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control the zone.
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King of the Hill: RHS

RHS King of the Hill is a version that combines the popular RHS mod with KotH. In this version of the award winning sector control mission you play as Nato or Russian forces. Just like in vanilla KotH you will gain experience by playing which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control the zone. RHS and vanilla stats are separately saved in our database and are displayed here: https://stats.armakoth.com
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More to come
More to come
Base building in Wasteland, why should you do it?
It helps your team no matter what side you are on to have a central place to work from, the base building is simple but effective, a few things to note are:

- They save across server restarts so no need to worry about all your hard work and effort being lost.

- They can be destroyed by the opposing side so you will need to defend them if attacked.

- Each section has to be locked, this is all controlled by the base radar which can be captured, if it is captured by the enemy you lose control of the base and all parts placed.<(p>

- Base radars help to also tell you the number of enemys inside of the base, if the base is clear of hostiles you can spawn at this location as well.

- Base parts are easy to come by as well they can be found around the map along with at missions and the roaming AI trucks can also have some building supplies in them.

- The base building is a simple one as you can raise and lower objects using the PGN UP and PGN DWN keys and can be rotated with the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Blufor/opfor tactics

- Use your team to your advantage, stick together and complete objectives. just be sure to maintain spacing, or a well placed enemy may pin you all down.

- be sure to use the base radar purchasable in stores to set up a moveable respawn point anywhere on the map, you can have as many as you want active.

- if you build a base, your best friends will be anti-air and anti-tank launchers.

Independant tactics:

- your typically in a small group against unknown numbers. this team will mostly be for players with patience or those who like to die a lot.

- time is your friend, being against the odds most of the time, its safe to assume there is always 1 more player. Don't be afraid to wait a little before you loot.

- Being independant means most people won't know your group members or #numbers. Be sure to use this to your advantage.

- if you find yourself with too much gear a base isn't as much of an option, but don't be afraid to buy a crate and stash it inside a rock, or underwater along the coast for future spawns.

General tactics:

- A very good trick when attacking a gunstore, is to turn the engine of your vehicle off a few hundred metres away, and glide in on the inertia. The store won't hear your engine and direction.

- *server restart*: on server restart if your looking for fast gear your going to want to race to airfield. the buildings will have crates, the vehicles will be loaded with gear, and an AI patrol will be roaming with gear you can steal.

- Vehicles are noise, stratis is a small map. It pays off to work on foot.

- if your looking for a laidback approach, roadblocks are the way to go. Grab a few objects, place em around a tight corner like the one south of pente / around air station mike, and let the gear come to you.

More to come
Capture vehicle

A lone vehicle standing out in the open surrounded by some NPCs. There are two types of this mission that you see by the name: Helicopters or ground vehicles. Both surrounded by NPCs and in need of fuel. You have to kill the NPCs and refuel the vehicle with a fuel can then take off or drive away.

Capture helo

missing description

Capture base

NPCs build a base and have some gear inside it and are now running around in the area. Kill them, get their loot, get out. Additionally, a nice source of building materials, if you want them.

Geo cache

Easy mission, try to get there as soon as it spawns. No NPCs are defending this crate. Just drive up, load it into your vehicle and drive away. It sometimes has some nice gear, but always gives nice cash when you sell it at a gun store.

Aircraft wreck

Guarded by some NPCs there is a downed and destroyed aircraft. There are also some crates next to it, you know what to do. Even when these types of missions are done, you can sometimes be a vulture and get gear from the NPCs or salvage the wrecked plane.

Underwater wreck

VERY unpopular. Some people specialize on it, but most players ignore it, because to effectively do it, you need a rebreather and a SDAR to take out underwater NPCs. The reward for the effort is good though and often you have no other players trying to do it.

Ship wreck

missing description

Ammo truck

Very important for a group/team when they are in possession of vehicles that are armed (also flares can be rearmed). Also surrounded by NPCs and with damaged wheels.

- Random but predetermined locations are picked by the server after it wipes.

- Locations remains constant but assortment on each location is different and it changes every hour.

- You can sell equipment directly from the ground, surrounding vehicle and crates.

- You can buy and stash equipment crates until server restart.

- Equipment crates can be paradropped anywhere on the map for team / squad mates or just as a quick exit where you feel you might get killed when leaving.

- Gunstores will sometimes have flash sales on certain equiptment and gear.

- Base radar can be purchased at any gunstore.

- Spawn gear is upgraded at any gunstore. Each upgrade cost 5000 usd.

The following thing are saved across a server restart up until server wipe:

- All locked baseparts

- Base radars (very effective if you wanna spawn on a certain location after restart)

- Player stats

- Player spawn level

Server restart happens every 24 hours, and wipe every 100 hours. (Both Can however be adjusted based on player and community request)

[NEW] Respawn gear upgrading through gun store. Upgrades are saved per side and reset with server wipe.
[NEW] Few more Stratis gun store locations
[NEW] When spawning in towns, empty vehicles are marked with an icon and on the map for a while
[NEW] Malden bridge
[NEW] Base building parts in patrol vehicles
[NEW] Capture base trucks are filled with base parts
[NEW] Static weapons randomly spawn instead of mortars at Capture Base
[NEW] Capture Vehicle and Capture Helicopter missions message shows vehicle type if you're under friendly radar
[NEW] Junk player damage like fire, getting hit by objects, some cases of getting stuck should no longer apply. This is still WIP so please report possible issues.
[NEW] Shooting carried walls from close distance will make player drop them
[NEW] Object inspection window shows objects you're damaging and recent damage changes
[NEW] Kamaz MLRS added
[NEW] SLAT armor randomly appears on some vehicles
[NEW] Killed by info ported from King of the Hill
[NEW] New base building objects from Tanoa
[NEW] Held chemlights and explosives now attach to vehicle you're in
[NEW] Updated content for Laws of War and Tanks DLCs
[NEW] All base parts are now destructible by player-initiated damage (no AI and vehicle explosions damage) and can be repaired with repair kits
[NEW] Gun store now shows compatible attachments to weapon in assortment
[NEW] Magazine repack button on inventory screen
[NEW] Uniform, vest, backpack and total unit load display as numbers in inventory screen
[NEW] AI groups spawn with fully random gear instead of previously used predefined sets
[NEW] [Chernarus] New starting gear
[NEW] [Chernarus] One-shot launchers are now being sold in gun stores
[NEW] Unflip vehicle action ported from King of the Hill
[NEW] Tanoa and Apex content
[NEW] Base radars emit side-colored light during night
[NEW] Black screen and no sound server-side option during revive
[NEW] Action to unload bodies from vehicles (alive vehicles only)
[NEW] Player-placed markers now have player's name next to it as a prefix
[NEW] Gun store menus translated
[NEW] Home and End keys to move carried object closer or further
[NEW] Smooth object rotation now can be done through Minus and Plus keys, quicker rotation while holding Shift
[NEW] Tilde key changes revive screen map zoom level
[NEW] You can smoothly rotate taken objects with [ and ] keys and move it up and down with PgUp and PgDn keys
[NEW] Friendly grenade icons from King of the Hill
[NEW] Killed AI enemy sometimes drop foor or water
[NEW] When you're revived you'll automatically pick up your money if its still nearby
[NEW] Countermeasures are automatically used on incoming missile in aircraft, this can be disabled in settings
[NEW] Mobile howitzers added to "Capture Vehicle" mission
[NEW] Static weapons can be repaired with repair kit
[NEW] AV laser designators added to gun store
[NEW] You can deliver your gun store purchases in air drop crates which costs you $2000
[NEW] Capture Base mission has 50% chance of spawning mortar
[NEW] Sound bug fix button in settings menu
[NEW] New gun store locations for Stratis
[NEW] You are able to sell contents of your uniform, vest or backpack, your helmet, NVG, glasses and binoculars directly in the gun store menu
[NEW] Vehicle ammo kits instead of rearming entire vehicle can rearm only single weapon of your choice through menu
[NEW] [Chernarus] All RHS firearms are now in the mission
[NEW] 3GL and GP25 grenades now spawn in loot alongside their compatible weapons
[NEW] You can sell primary, secondary and handgun directly without having to individually select them in the gun store.
[NEW] [Chernarus] HLC AKs accept RHS AK magazines and attachments and vice versa
[NEW] [Chernarus] RHS PK and RPG-7 accepts more attachments (favouring gameplay over realism) from both RHS and HLC
[NEW] [Chernarus] STANAG and AUG 5.56 magazines are interchangeable between all weapons that accept STANAG and AUG rifles
[NEW] [Chernarus] 5.56 silencers are interchangeable between A3, HLC and RHS rifles
[NEW] [Chernarus] 7.62 and M14 silencers are interchangeable between A3, HLC and RHS (RHS M14 doesn't take any silencers at all)
[NEW] [Chernarus] M14 magazines are compatible between A3, HLC and RHS M14-like rifles
[NEW] New radar HUD icon
[NEW] Team switching restrictions are back, within 60 seconds after spawning you will be locked into your current team, this includes all 3 playable teams. Lock gets removed after server restart or if you weren't on the server for 30 minutes.
[NEW] Saving between restarts has been rewritten from scratch, now any walls that were locked at least once will save between restarts, any alive radars will save as well, plus it should be generally less of load on the server
[NEW] Independent can now activate and spawn on radar, they can't buy it though and have to steal off other teams
[NEW] Radar completely rewritten, now costs more, saves between restarts, can be destroyed and repaired, can no longer be put into vehicle and has to be towed, going prone or being underwater makes you undetected by it and more
[NEW] GPS now displays players and other mission icons just like main map
[NEW] Selling from ground in gun store no longer sells dropped weapons off revivable dead players
[NEW] Looting dead friendlies is not allowed while they're in revive state. Taking money is not allowed as well.
[NEW] Gun store button to view what weapons are compatible with sold attachment
[NEW] More gear variation for AI units
[NEW] New A3 base building parts
[NEW] Signal pistol from Karts DLC
[NEW] Marksman DLC content
[NEW] Damaged jet leak fuel
[NEW] Groups menu right in respawn menu
[NEW] Vehicles and helicopters captured on mission now belong to player that first entered them after refuel, these can be locked and will appear on map until captured by enemy
[NEW] Ability to buy right into your crate or your vehicle
[NEW] Press F1 to mute sound (VON and Direct channel are not affected)
[NEW] Ability to lock gun store bought crates. Locked crates will be inaccessible for non-group friendlies while you're in game and will be visible on the map.
[NEW] Gun store bought crates are now team coloured
[NEW] Refuelling vehicles at missions with fuel trucks is now allowed and will not kick you out of the vehicle
[NEW] [Chernarus] First batch of RHS stuff: Vehicles, Gear
[NEW] Gun stores now display uniform armor rates (in Head, Body, Hands, Legs order)
[NEW] Confirmation dialog when aborting revive
[NEW] You can now refill fuel cans from any fuel truck
[NEW] Repair trucks produce repair kits which you can take
[NEW] Pawnee spawns with flares
[NEW] Scoreboard saves between sessions (along with bases)
[NEW] Destroyed AI patrols respawn over time
[NEW] Chernarus
[NEW] Base saving between server restarts
[NEW] Aircraft Wreck mission wrecks can now be salvaged
[NEW] Scoreboard now displays the total consumed by each player
[NEW] Rewritten cleanup should provide better mission performance
[NEW] Friendly fire damage messages in chat
[NEW] Small damage from being run over by friendly vehicles is now ignored
[NEW] You can now drop taken objects
[NEW] Tempest trucks now spawn randomly and on missions
[NEW] You can now pick up chemlights (and something else too) and attach to your forearm
[NEW] You can now push boats, wrecks and other vehicles
[NEW] Gestures from King of the Hill
[NEW] Minimap during incapacitated screen from King of the Hill
[NEW] Jets will now randomly spawn in hangars
[NEW] Sales in gun store
[NEW] Anti global VON script from King of the Hill
[NEW] Fatigue bar from King of the Hill
[NEW] Gun store now sells contents of all backpacks, not just first one
[NEW] Gun store now sells all attachments and loaded magazines off weapons inside vehicles or loot piles along with the weapon
[NEW] Gun store now supports buying and selling of facewear
[NEW] Gun store now sells all new ArmA 3 content
[NEW] New vehicle crew display code from King of Hill
[NEW] Chat notifications now show when friendly player nearby sells something in gun store, places an explosive, turns off the radar or starts reviving you
[NEW] Eject function now available for all seats in all vehicles (like helicopter pilots)
[NEW] Parachute backpacks are no longer required, when ejecting you will automatically open parachute at about 200 meters
[NEW] AI units now drop money on death
[NEW] Friendly players now display on map (You can disable showing you on the map)
[NEW] New ArmA 3 content is added into the mission, UI stuff adjusted
[NEW] Revives
[NEW] New ArmA 3 content is added into the mission
[NEW] Separate view distance settings for going on foot, in ground vehicle and in aircraft
[NEW] AI Plane instead of helicopter, now if it drops into ocean crate still spawns on shore
[NEW] New scoreboard to replace built-in scoreboard, stream friendly
[NEW] New base building materials
[NEW] Added UAVs into gun store (You'll need to buy UAV Bag and UAV Terminal)
[NEW] New ArmA 3 content is added into the mission
[NEW] "Capture Ammo Truck" mission added
[NEW] Hints during respawn
[NEW] Now you can sell store crate contents at Gun Store
[NEW] Accelerated day and night cycle is now active
[NEW] All gun stores now have different assortiment
[NEW] Limited 3rd person view (available for helicopter pilots only)
[CHANGE] Base building parts damage reduction by number of surrounding objects temporarily disabled
[CHANGE] Diving goggles are always sold at gun store now
[CHANGE] Player score moved from player menu to score table titles
[CHANGE] Helicopter respawn height is now 300 meters or below (was 100 before)
[CHANGE] Boats in sea no longer clean up as easily, also takes depth under boat into account so you can dive for the missions.
[CHANGE] Less money for selling basic uniforms to gun store
[CHANGE] Demining drones appear in gun store and spawn in AI aircraft crates only if server has at least 20 players
[CHANGE] Locking and repairing base objects while inside gun store building is no longer allowed
[CHANGE] Radars can no longer be enabled right in gun store building or under water
[CHANGE] Starvation and regeneration reworked, now should be more reliable. Regeneration starts at 70 food and water instead of 80 before.
[CHANGE] Explosive and satchel charges no longer sold at gun store if there is less than 20 players online
[CHANGE] Demining drones are back in gun stores, cost $5000 now
[CHANGE] You can run with objects if you picked them up in friendly radar zone
[CHANGE] Howitzers appear less often on Capture Armor missions
[CHANGE] Repair kits no longer get consumed when repairing walls
[CHANGE] Enemy objects can no longer be unlocked under active radar, you'll need to destroy the radar or blow up the walls
[CHANGE] Locked vehicles no longer can be be pushed unless you're in owner's group
[CHANGE] Wetsuits and rebreathers are always available in gun stores
[CHANGE] Damage to walls is now affected by distance projectile traveled, starts to fall off after 1000 meters, to 60% at 2000 and to lowest of 40% over higher distances. All other damage modifiers like number of objects around and distance to damaged object are still applied. Satchel charges are still most effective way to blow a hole in the base.
[CHANGE] Base building parts health increased a little
[CHANGE] Explosion damage to base parts decreases with number of other objects around. Damage decay over distance applies as well.
[CHANGE] Sell prices in gun stores are now lower
[CHANGE] Salvage reward decreased
[CHANGE] Crate sell price decreased
[CHANGE] AI no longer drop money when ran over
[CHANGE] When using repair kit, inspected wall is selected as repair target
[CHANGE] Destroyed UAVs can be repaired with repair kits
[CHANGE] AI helicopters and planes will drop crate onto near ground when they get destroyed over water
[CHANGE] Demining drones no longer sell in gun store and only appear in crates that AI helicopters or planes drop
[CHANGE] Weapon damage against base building parts rebalanced, now satchel charges are much more effective
[CHANGE] Vorona ATGM removed from gun store, only available on missions
[CHANGE] Explosive damage to base parts decays linearly by distance when explosion happens outside of object's bounding box. Was fixed regardless of distance before.
[CHANGE] Base part repair time decreased to balance out more effective damaging after fixes
[CHANGE] Jets no longer drop countermeasures automatically
[CHANGE] AI units loadout is now more balanced, less high tier stuff
[CHANGE] Objects are now immune to friendly fire only for BLUFOR and OPFOR and when locked
[CHANGE] Thermals removed from jet and armed boats
[CHANGE] [Chernarus] Most of vanilla content removed in favor of RHS and HLC
[CHANGE] Tanoa random town spawn prefers main island towns
[CHANGE] You no longer have to look precisely look at gun store owner for actions to appear
[CHANGE] Radars no longer hum
[CHANGE] Spawn height in helicopters changed from 50 to 100 meters
[CHANGE] Gun store sell menu opens again after you sell something
[CHANGE] Independents now can buy radars at gun store
[CHANGE] Refueling with fuel can improved, now it prioritizes vehicles that your character is facing towards when deciding which vehicle to refuel
[CHANGE] Thermal modes are disabled on UAVs
[CHANGE] Repair trucks no longer repair when they're simply nearby, you can only repair by taking repair kit out of the vehicle each 5 minutes
[CHANGE] Buying repair kits and fuel cans first places them into container, then into your inventory and then ono gun store floor, this way you can include repair kits and fuel cans into air drop crates
[CHANGE] You can now sell empty fuel cans
[CHANGE] Now you can buy into crates of your teammates
[CHANGE] Paradrop crate has chemlight attached to it so it will be easier to find it at night
[CHANGE] Bought crate spawns with random color instead of team color
[CHANGE] Spawning in aircraft now works differently, aircraft has to be below 50 meters with turned on engine. Also you now can spawn in co-pilot and person turret seats
[CHANGE] Aircraft wreck now spawns two crates instead of one, each has less stuff but of different kind
[CHANGE] Crates now cost $500 and sell for $500 so its worth it to collect and sell empty crates in the gun store
[CHANGE] Ammo truck hardcoded rearm functionality disabled, no more mid-air and never-ending rearms. Instead you take vehicle ammo crates from them, each truck starts with 6 vehicle ammo kits (service vehicles start with 2), and regenerates new vehicle ammo kit each 10 minutes when depleted
[CHANGE] OPFOR spawn with officer uniform to have balanced armor values with other sides
[CHANGE] [Chernarus] Honeybadger spawns with silencer right away
[CHANGE] Laser designators removed
[CHANGE] Doing 2 punished teamkills now puts you off server for good until restart without even an ability to play Independent
[CHANGE] Talking to global channel simply switches you to direct now instead of kicking out of the game
[CHANGE] Jet spawns and respawns with 1 hour delay
[CHANGE] Object lock system changed – you’re no longer able to unlock enemy walls or other objects if there is an enemy nearby, if an object is unlocked anyone can take it at any time. Friendly players cannot unlock walls if the owner that locked the object is nearby (includes the owners group mates)
[CHANGE] Vehicle ownership system changed once again, behaviour for friendlies remains the same - they can't enter driver or gunner seats or open inventory if vehicle is locked, new behaviour for enemy players - enemy players cannot enter owned vehicles until they lock pick it
[CHANGE] Different store crate for Gun Store
[CHANGE] [Chernarus] Subsonic ammo should no longer spawn in loot or gun store
[CHANGE] Trucks and big helicopters have more inventory space
[CHANGE] Capture base vehicles spawn better vehicles and more loot in them
[CHANGE] Independents no longer can get into vehicles with enemy independents
[CHANGE] Helicopters now can lift every vehicle, including tanks and APCs, but you cannot lift capture vehicle missions until it is fuelled
[CHANGE] Less trucks, less stuff in trucks, less vests and helmets in common cars
[CHANGE] AIs spawn with MRAPs less often now
[CHANGE] You no longer get diving goggles on gun store purchase
[CHANGE] Icons over players now display depending on your set view distance
[CHANGE] AK 5.45 Subsonic ammo removed until fixed
[CHANGE] [Chernarus] AKs and AR15s spawn more frequently while other guns appear less often and mosty on missions and in trucks
[CHANGE] [Chernarus] Gas stations are now invincible
[CHANGE] Spawning into helicopter is now improved, should also include fire from vehicle positions
[CHANGE] Unguided rockets of Mi-48 are now controlled by pilot
[CHANGE] First aid kits now fully heal you
[CHANGE] Salvaging vehicles that have revivable players or objects in them is not allowed, you need to revive players and take out objects first
[CHANGE] Accessing vehicle object contents is now allowed even for destroyed vehicles
[CHANGE] Fatigue restoration speed greatly increased
[CHANGE] Teamswitch restrictions temporary disabled
[CHANGE] You no longer get collision damage when parachuting
[CHANGE] Pitch black nights removed
[CHANGE] Vehicle ammo box now uses small ammo box model instead of huge cardboard box for gameplay purposes (cardboard box was causing too much problems when dropped)
[CHANGE] Icons over head should zoom when looking through scope or optics (Thanks to Killzone_Kid)
[CHANGE] When spawning on base defence radar you paradrop above it
[CHANGE] Capture helicopter and Capture vehicle vehicles no longer have thermal imaging on commander seats since it could be abused to have thermal vision on gunner seat
[CHANGE] Icons over players are smooth during movement
[CHANGE] You no longer receive damage from fire (character will still grunt as in pain though)
[CHANGE] Vehicle ammo crates no longer sold in gun store (still can be found in military buildings), ammo trucks now hold much more vehicle ammo and you can check how much ammo left
[CHANGE] Altis now has 6 gun stores located in 10 random locations
[CHANGE] Trucks now spawn more weapons than other vehicles
[CHANGE] No more blur when damaged
[CHANGE] Food and Water regeneration requirement changed from 100 to 80
[CHANGE] Wheels now get 3 times less damage when colliding with objects
[CHANGE] SDV no longer spawn because they cause server and clients spam RPT with thousands error messages
[CHANGE] Zamak trucks spawn in civilian areas now always have civilian colors
[CHANGE] Adjusted mission for latest public game version
[CHANGE] Launchers and Laser Designator no longer let you access Thermal Imaging (unless enabled on server)
[CHANGE] Radars no longer detect underwater players
[CHANGE] Adjusted mission for latest public game version
[CHANGE] Locked objects and objects carried by player cannot be sold at gun store
[CHANGE] Stamina runs out twice slower, regenerates twice faster (need feedback)
[CHANGE] Removed ability to eject anywhere with official Eject function available for passengers
[CHANGE] Gestures now available on 7, 8, 9 and 5 numpad keys
[FIX] Fixed saving bug that created radars in null coordinate after server restart
[FIX] Thermals removed off static weapons
[FIX] Actions in water should no longer take waves into account thus interrupting the action
[FIX] Invisible "None" glasses no longer sold at gun store
[FIX] Fixed bug which counted helicopter respawn height from sea bottom level instead of sea level thus not letting you spawn in helicopters over deep water
[FIX] Capture Base spawned up to two statics instead of one
[FIX] Fixed a bug where you couldn't run with objects under friendly radar if it was destroyed and repaired
[FIX] Players weren't receiving collision damage in vehicles
[FIX] Fixed AI dropping sacks with no money
[FIX] Fixed bug which resulted in full direct damage to walls while it was actually explosion (howitzers and MLRS did huge damage because of this)
[FIX] Fixed a bug where satchel charges sometimes didn't do any damage (another one)
[FIX] Submunition now does damage to base building parts as well
[FIX] Fixed bug when building part received damage twice from same satchel charge
[FIX] Fixed bug which made explosives damage only single object
[FIX] Radars no longer turn invisible after restart
[FIX] Unflip now works properly all the time
[FIX] Fixed AI units sometimes not having machinegun ammo
[FIX] Demining drone now can be rearmed with vehicle ammo packs
[FIX] Military and capture base spawned vehicles no longer have full ammo
[FIX] Fixed vehicle rearming bug when weapon was forever stuck in reloading
[FIX] Fixed bug that changed base parts ownership on entire map instead of just radar
[FIX] Fixed gun store and AI helicopter crate issues
[FIX] Radar now properly switches walls ownership to whoever enabled the radar
[FIX] Mortars no longer damage themselves when shooting
[FIX] Weapons no longer disappear after revive
[FIX] Opening locked friendly crates should no longer be possible
[FIX] [Chernarus] Map displayed wrong vehicle icon
[FIX] Revive sometimes duped weapons or deleted attachments
[FIX] Respawn dialog should be more reliable now, especially when trying to spawn into aircraft
[FIX] Gun store sell sometimes incorrectly displayed magazines loaded weapons in containers
[FIX] Armor rates for uniforms, vests and helmets now work properly
[FIX] Fixed vehicle rearm not rearming in some cases and vehicles lacking some magazines
[FIX] Fixed bug that sometimes made your UAV Terminal disappear
[FIX] Taking dropped weapons off friendy revivable players through "Take" command is no longer allowed
[FIX] Disassembling static weapons is no longer allowed
[FIX] Spawning into friendly locked helicopter no longer ejects you
[FIX] Fixed bug preventing paradrop option from working if you had bought crate nearby
[FIX] You no longer get damage from parachutes colliding with you
[FIX] Capture base ends if guarding AI are underwater
[FIX] Gun store owners no longer spawn with camouflaged faces
[FIX] Fixed randomly spawned ammo trucks rearming through old method
[FIX] Getting as passenger into locked vehicles is fixed and allowed again
[FIX] Taking repair kits from repair trucks is no longer local to each client and also dupe-protected
[FIX] Fixed scripted items dupes (repair kits, fuel cans, etc.)
[FIX] Jet respawn now works again. Spawns after 1 hour, respawns 1 hour after gets destroyed, time may be adjusted by server owner
[FIX] [Chernarus] Unlimited launchers removed until fixed
[FIX] Fixed bug that automatically unlocked your owned vehicle
[FIX] Fixed bug in loot creation preventing some weapons with attached scopes from spawning
[FIX] [Chernarus] DLC snipers are back into Chernarus gun stores
[FIX] [Chernarus] Bullets impacting Chernarus ground surfaces now produce fountain of dirt instead of barely visible leafs
[FIX] [Chernarus] Fire does no damage at all now in all cases
[FIX] [Chernarus] UAZ, GAZ-233011, GAZ-66 and Ural no longer stick when going uphill, should be drivable now
[FIX] [Chernarus] Hatchbacks no longer get stuck in woods (Chernarus fix only!)
[FIX] [Chernarus] Rahim and Zafir appear with the proper magazines in the gun store
[FIX] AI should no longer spawn with wrong MG ammunition
[FIX] Bipod no longer folds back by itself
[FIX] Fixed bug preventing UAVs appearing in the gun store
[FIX] Blackfoot's unguided rockets (DAR instead of DAGR) are controlled by pilot instead of gunner now
[FIX] Gun store sell menu will no longer depend on script scheduler (script lag) and always display sell list right away
[FIX] Gun store sellers no longer spawn with no skin and now have random glasses
[FIX] Scaffolding gets placed into proper position when released
[FIX] Goggles and facewear no longer disappears after you die
[FIX] Fixed ammo for Zafir and Rahim after Marksman update
[FIX] Flying ladders no longer works
[FIX] Dying again during revive no longer messes up revive system
[FIX] Rearming vehicle with Vehicle Ammo item works in all cases and no longer requires vehicle to be empty
[FIX] Deaths during respawn should happen less often
[FIX] Dead independent units no longer block entry to vehicles for other independents
[FIX] "Friendly player damaged you" no longer should display yourself
[FIX] Backpacks no longer spawn with stuff in them
[FIX] [Chernarus] CH-47 no longer gets Mohawk textures
[FIX] [Chernarus] Mi-24s no longer gets Skyfires, armament also now properly displays on the helicopter
[FIX] Fatigue no longer gets enabled after revive if disabled on the server
[FIX] Positions of towed vehicles now should be more adequate
[FIX] Fixed black icons in menus
[FIX] Another server-side fix to reduce lag
[FIX] Fixed salvage complete message
[FIX] Imporant server-side fix to reduce load and lag when processing scoreboard
[FIX] AI helicopter no longer lands and sits on one spot
[FIX] Scoreboard reworked for better server-side performance
[FIX] Thermal scopes no longer randomly spawn in loot (Again)
[FIX] Attempt to fix teleporting empty cars
[FIX] Attempt to fix respawn menu not showing friendly players being in town
[FIX] Fixed bug where trucks wouldn't spawn enough equipment
[FIX] [Chernarus] South part of Berezino is now properly spawns vehicles when you spawn there
[FIX] [Chernarus] HLC weapons no longer spawn with wrong ammo (Unless it was intended, like in weapon crates)
[FIX] Getting revived inside vehicle no longer deletes your primary and secondary weapons
[FIX] Pushing vehicles should kill you less often (might still kill others nearby so be careful)
[FIX] Ejecting out of helicopter pilot seat no longer turns off the engine
[FIX] Tempest trucks now have inventory space
[FIX] Fixed disappearing "View vehicle contents" action
[FIX] Groups hopefully fixed for good, invites should always reach destination
[FIX] Groups reworked, invites use less traffic and produce less lag
[FIX] Sacks now properly spawn on the ground instead of mid-air
[FIX] Towing planes now works on Stratis
[FIX] Eject now properly works everywhere
[FIX] Base building objects should now get detected automatically
[FIX] Thermal scopes no longer randomly spawn in loot
[FIX] Name no longer shows up during revive with stream safe option turned on
[FIX] Geo cache mission no longer ends right away
[FIX] AI no longer should spawn naked
[FIX] Underwater wreck mission no longer ends right away
[FIX] Attempts to fix network lag by disabling some features, will be reviewed in re-enabled later
[FIX] Performance\Lag related optimizations. Cleanup is more agressive now.
[FIX] When player leaves the game they drop their full set of loot into pile under them (some attachments\magazines from weapons in backpack might still disappear though)
[FIX] Fixed weapon duping\disappearance when reviving. Attachments on weapons in backpack might still disappear though so beware.
[FIX] Fixed day ight acceleration logic which no longer should do skip time back and forth and all players now should see same time of the day
[FIX] Dying mid-air no longer spawns inventory contents mid-air and places it on surface underneath
[FIX] "Capture base" objects now should properly have simulation disabled
[FIX] Player bodies that can be revived no longer melt into the ground
[FIX] You no longer can rearm the helicopter mid-air with ammo truck attached
[FIX] Additional measures against using 2-2 to spot objects and enemies
[FIX] Civilian boats now can store objects
[FIX] Fixed gun store exploits
[FIX] Temporary solution to disappearing\changing hats until developers address it
[FIX] Fixed problems which sometimes caused icons disappear over specific players
[FIX] UAV Backpack change should now be more reliable
[FIX] Now you can join Independent if you were moved out of the team for teamkilling
[FIX] Vehicle ammo crates now properly rearm in 100% of cases
[FIX] Fixed problem that sometimes caused lags
[FIX] Fixed minor visual effect bug during respawn (Background noise)
[FIX] Thermal scopes no longer spawn in crates
[FIX] Fixed most undefined variable notices
[FIX] Refueling and rearming should be more stable now, no longer relies on Multiplayer Framework
[FIX] ACP-C2 now spawns correct ammo
[FIX] Fixed Kamaz towing, no longer should explode on untow
[FIX] Other players no longer can sell your bought crates right away
[FIX] Hunger and thirst should no longer process in respawn menu
[FIX] You can now take and load SDVs into vehicle contents
[FIX] Fixed bought gun store crates spawning outside of gun store
[FIX] AI helicopter now spawns again (Spawns ammo crate when taken down)
[FIX] Additional gun store damage protection, lets see if it will help
[FIX] You should be able to respawn in helicopters piloted by copilot
[FIX] Fixed vehicle spawns on Capture base mission, vehicles should no longer explode right away
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