All restores will be anounced on discord at which point the server will come online!


When do restores happen?
Restores are guaranteed on saturdays. Restores are done during the week, just follow discord (#koth-restore).

How Often does restore happen?
See above.

Do you guys need anything from me the User?
You will need to join the restore server when its announced.

Do you merge made progress while being reset?

Can you copy the progress from my old account to my new?

I am on the server but nothing happens, what now?
If there was an announcement about a restore you should be restored within the next few minutes, if there was no announcement u will not be restored and can leave the server again.

What do i need to do after i joined discord?
Look into the koth-profile-restore channel. Restores will be announced there.

Do you refund weapons before / after i was restored?

Do you refund weapons / vehicles?

Steps to profile restoration

Step 1
Launch Arma 3

Step 2
Select Multiplayer and then Server Browser

Step 3
Select Direct Connect

Step 4
Enter the and PORT:2702

Step 5
Select and join the server that will then display

Step 6
Enter the password for the server:4567

Step 7
Join Opfor

Step 8
Please wait whilst you get to you, they'll be others ahead of you probably

Step 9
Once an admin has confrimed that your stats have been restored, use your mouse wheel and open "Player Menu"

Step 10
Select "Save Now"

Step 11
Exit the server

Step 12
BACKUP your profile / stats, follow this video:

Step 13
Continue playing!

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