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  1. Try to do a game file check on Arma 3 through steam. If the problem persists, then do the following: Right click on My Computer > Advanced tab > Performance > Settings > Performance options > Advanced tab > Virtual Memory > Change Increase your VRAM, it might be that Arma 3 finished it's plate of VRAM and was not satisfied, so feed the beast! Arma 3 is a CPU-thirsty hungry monster.
  2. Hello. I recently noticed that there's a dedicated European vanilla server with all land vehicles & aircraft allowed (EU4). I would love if an identical US server is hosted, because US servers generally have more communication and teamwork than EU servers which I've noticed are either silent, toxic, uncooperative or all of them together, or at least that's what my experience says. I understand if there's technical or financial difficulties that need to be dealt with, but, if C4G has the means to host the server, then please do so! This will also fix the population problem in EU4, where the server is almost always full/near full, even in weekdays!
  3. Well, if that's the case, then expect a 50% decrease of BLUFOR and GREENFOR armor from now on!
  4. Yeah well the view distance isn't the problem, it's that the grass infront of me is rendering for me but not for the tank 2km away, which basically lines me up for a death sentence. I have never seen a foliage setting in the video settings, I'll look for it in about an hour once I return. Oh, and the tank's round didnt hit my vehicle, it ripped my head off clean. Thanks for the heads up on that foliage setting, I'll look into it.
  5. I don't know if it's a bug with Arma 3, KOTH, or me, so I'm posting this in the general discussion category. Last night I was using a Qilin (AT) to destroy enemy armor, and what I noticed is that from my perspective, I'm a few meters behind the top of the hill and me and my Vorona are covered by grass and bushes, and when I look down the sights of my Vorona, I can see the grass infront of me covering my view of the tank and I could barely make out the tank's side armor with thermals. But, to the tank, the view is different. To the tank, it sees a hill with rough edges, and a guy skylining himself with a Vorona with no grass covering him because the grass doesn't render at long ranges, which puts me at a disadvantage because I could barely see the tank due to grass, but he can very well see me because grass doesn't render since im too far. So, how can I fix this problem?
  6. I'm ready to help you in the weekend. Add me on steam, my name's ComboTombo and my steam icon is the same as my forum avatar.
  7. This is true, but to add onto what Firesilver said, the reason why this clears up after 5 minutes is because when you're connecting to a server and you crash, the server registers you as a player in the lobby attempting to enter a game, and BattleEye has a default 5 minute timeout when you're in the lobby, so when the 5 minutes pass, BattleEye will terminate your connection because it thinks you're AFKing in the lobby.
  8. As stated in the KotH server rules: Spawn camping You are allowed to spawncamp granted that you don't enter the enemy safezone Abusing safezone You are allowed to shoot from safezone only if you are being spawn camped. Spawn camping definition: Enemies targeting your spawn area/your units when they leave. Examples: - Infantry road camping you on the way to AO. - Jets attacking your vehicles as soon as they leave SZ. In both cases you are allowed to fire from your safezone to defend yourself. Admins are not exempt from the server rules, as they apply on all players, staff or not. Please make yourself familiar with the King of the Hill rules to avoid making a fight in the forums.
  9. Just get in a squad. Mass invite everybody in your team, and type/tell them in side chat "Group invite sent! Press the ~ key > Groups > ComboTombo > Accept | If you join you get bonus XP, money, and no more team balance switching!" That's what I do and I usually get at least 10 people in the squad.
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