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  1. thanks, i appreciate it
  2. I understand what the rule means by open area, when I hit him in the forest it was the tree that killed him. I did question you because I felt, along with others, that you were threatening to ban me for tailwhipping in general. I too think that rule is bs, but I followed the rules 100% as I do EVERY time I play. I also said you were being hostile because you didnt offer clarification on the rule, you just came right out and said tailwhipping was against the rules and if I did it again I would be banned. I then told you that it was not against the rules and you told me to watch my tone. So instead of arguing on chat, I brought it to the forum to get clarification. I told it exactly as it was, so if it seems to you like I was "throwing you under the bus" than maybe it's because you were being unproffesional. There have been rude admins before, but I am confident in the most senior admins to keep lower admins in line. You represent their server and sometimes tarnish their image when you act so aggressively towards people. And I would still like this to be resolved by and admin MORE senior than you that was not involved, because it does not make sense to go to the forum and make a complaint and have the person of issue respond...thats like calling the police to report a rapist and having the rapist answer and tell you that nothing wrong is happening and that you need to watch your tone. So as a player who plays on this server and follows the rules, I am again respectfully requesting a more senior admin to join in and offer some input. I dont mind talking it out with you, but I would still prefer someone higher up if they have the time...I dont mind waiting. thanks again
  3. I would hope that me asking for clarification on the rules would not warrant such a hostile and unproffesional reply...but apparently that's not the case. Do you feel like I have innaccurately described the situation? I feel like I simply posted exactly what happened and asked for clarification. So because you seem to be a little hostile, I am respectfully requesting a reply from a more senior admin. Thanks
  4. I was playing on US#3 and I tailwhipped a player in an open field, later on I came across the same player who ran up to a tree. I hit the tree with the front of my truck and it killed him, the player even verified that I didn't whip him. The admin Hazard then threatened to ban me for tail whipping. The rule says if its an open field its legal, I can understand what he was saying about the tree kill had I whipped him....but I didnt. I do think thats reaching a bit but understand. I would just like to get clarification on the rules because I don't think it's right that an admin can change the rules because, as he said "I think that rule is bullshit". I also don't want to get banned for doing something that isn't against the rules. Thanks.
  5. I appreciate the effort put forth because as I said before, I enjoy the server. I'm glad professionalism is noticed and hopefully we'll improve, for admins and players. I understand what you're saying, but as we said it just sometimes seems like they get lucky a lot. I will trust you and the rest of the staff and I will drop the subject. I apologize for being unprofessional myself and I too will work on it. And once again...I apologize to the C4G staff. Thanks and have a great day!
  6. Thank you for the response from someone other than SilkyDrip. I am going to drop it out of respect to you and because I feel like it's pointless to keep it going.I'm sure you do your best to prevent admin abuse, as I'm sure a lot of it is slander. However, I do believe that it does happen and goes unchecked. There seems to be a pattern of disrespect and shady situations with certain admins that I find hard to believe are completely innocent. I also believe that you could have that same response regardless of what happened. I DO apologize though for making it worse in global...that was inappropriate. I think regardless of what the situation is, they could try not acting like assholes to people and then following with "if you don't like it, go to another server". I also think you could clarify your rules a bit in moving base parts in combat. Most servers do not allow this but apparently this one does. So imagine my frustration when you see an admin walking with a canal wall to block our shots and revive his buddy. When I said something about it, his response was "not against the rules, if you don't like it, you can leave". You would expect that from a noobie player out of options but not from an admin. Anyways, I may have gotten as little too annoyed with this than I should have, but there are a lot of incidents like this that happen. I apologize silky and the rest of C4G but things could improve. Thanks and have a great day!
  7. I'm not fighting my ban, I was actually okay with the ban. I just thought you should read that through again. I would assume not all members of C4G are cheating liars that abuse their powers, but you are. I continued to play because although I'm aware (along with most people who play on these servers) that it IS NOT a level playing field, I still enjoy Arma and don't need to cheat to do well....like you need to. I enjoy the server with the exception of knowing that throughout our gameplay the admins will abuse their abilities, and ban anyone who complains about it. I know you have told me numerous times that if I didn't like when you or thejellymaster (or whatever his name is) spectated us while in battle or abusing your powers that I could go to another server....very professional. I feel bad for the person who owns these servers or C4G because you make them look so bad. So ban me, keep doing what you're doing, and feel good about yourself, there are plenty of other servers out there with Sa-Matra's version that people can play and not be treated unprofessionally by the people that should be running the server and not abusing it. I know I'm not the first one to complain about you either, so I guess we are all wrong and you are right. Someday maybe you can get good at the game and make the killboard without abusing. Have a great day!
  8. I think some c4g admins need to read and review what roidrage posted.... I Will... Respect my fellow Members at all times. I Will... Show Respect to non-members when given respect in return. I Will... NOT abuse any power I may receive as a Member of Code 4. I Will... NOT Cheat or abuse any exploit while on [C4G] Servers. I Will... prioritize Code 4 as my main clan/community and support them. I Will... conduct myself professionally while in public servers owned/operated by Code 4. I Will... use my best judgement at all times. I Will... be the best Member of Code 4. I Understand... failure to follow this Charter will result in my Membership being revoked. I am... Code 4.
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