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  1. In-Game Name JazzySax82Z Age 25 Steam ID 76561198105084674 Will you use Team Speak? Yes What C4G servers do you play on? KOTH RHS HC US #5, KOTH RHS no towers HC EU #3 Why do you want to join the C4G community? I have been playing on the CodeFourGaming servers and have really enjoyed myself, so I figure the next step is to show my appreciation and become a member. Are there any admins or members of codefourgaming that might be willing to vouch for you? Not that I know of unfortunately. What's your favourite weapon/vehicle/playstyle? M4A1 Block II sopmod, MK11, AK74 UUK, AS Val - I typically enjoy rifle gameplay, occasionally sniping Have you been banned from CodeFourGaming servers or other king of the hill communities before? No. unit warning
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