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  1. Been playin since the game came out... Sorry to say Hostile Takeover didnt listen... But yes thats my home land! I am i4L! Made it live it! hate opfor flexin! really on our team! opfor players that are admins flexin their muscle!.. Fck you! I wont play no more seeing you dont want me here. good luck to you all! your servers are falling just as fast... happins when ya got kids runnin the shit.. GG ~Nugz~
  2. Nugz


    my hard drive failed as i was making movies for arma3 will get new pc on 2 months and run it hopefully your admins wont be as sour as little bullet sorry for being right!
  3. OK.. to think i was about to donate... I have played koth since arma3 started! Vehicles and infantry. I'm a infantry man. But yes i can get you in anything if your in your black foot ,varsuk , or wipeout or just by yourself. I was banned/kicked adm. Making me think hard to donate to something i liked... we were getting raped at spawn by our own team. guy was lvl2. I lost 3k myself and multiples lost more. I was told you guys kick guys for this and not ban them. They should be banned knowing they are doing wrong and helping the other team. And the ban should be lifted when that guy talks or reports on your website. Little Bullet kicked me... as i had multiple groups going on teamspeak... havent had a chance to find out where the whispers were on discord... If you call him an admin count me out! he kicked me for von cause i was very upset... Honorably there is a automatic kick for that when they abuse it. Im stating he abuse his powers on that. CodeFourGaming is very ontop of it! never had a prob! to think you would kick me for promoting to ban a player... you guys dont reimburse what we lost is your loss. i will never play in your servers neither will my friends. You need donations ... Willing to give them out to everybody thats willing to play fair. I use to and im not anymore was sponsored by razor. You kids have fun. ~Nugz~
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