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  1. If you are using WSLauncher make sure both CUP Terrains - Core and IFA3LITE are installed. Connecting the server through that should load both addons correctly. If you are using the ARMA 3 Launcher and connecting manually make sure you are loading both addons, as shown in the picture. http://i.imgur.com/MyfJoVG.png' alt='URL>'>
  2. Suggestions: Add alternative camo options for vehicles. Unlocked at level X. Gives players more rewards to work on. configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "LIB_FW190F8" >> "textureSources" Add alternative camo options for players/units. Unlocked at lvl50+X. Gives players more rewards to work on. Example: AT soldier (PWM) Add GAZ vehicles as a high level unlock lvl50+x. Gives players another reward to work on. It's a "stylish" car with a top speed of 67. Example of GAZ Camo 2 and GAZ StandardLIB_GazM1 Add C47 Skytrain and Li-2 transport planes. To be used as "Land at base. Pick up people. Fly over the AO. Paradrop. Return to base." Would allow greater use of AA and fighter planes. Cost of transport would have to be balanced to not make it a personal taxi or a ramming vehicle, but cheap enough to allow 3-4 trips of 5 people. Example of C47 Skytrain w USAF skin and Li2 with Soviet skin. LIB_C47_Skytrain LIB_Li2 List of new weapons to be added: LIB_MG34 LIB_M1919A6 LIB_P08 List of outfits that could be added. US Pilot H_LIB_US_Helmet_Pilot U_LIB_US_Private V_LIB_US_Vest_45 US Medic H_LIB_US_Helmet_Ped U_LIB_US_Med V_LIB_US_Vest_Medic US Tank Crew H_LIB_US_Helmet_Tank U_LIB_US_Tank_Crew V_LIB_US_Vest_Carbine
  3. Nono. It's good as it is now First time in ages I've seen planes actually avoid AA instead of going head on. Still need something to fix the plane stacking on one side.
  4. Been playing the new Jets DLC patch for a few hours now and the new hitpoint additions to planes have mostly fixed my issues with them now. One bullet from FW190 / AA is enough to blow the engine now.