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  1. A small suggestion that I think would be nice to see as a dedicated transport pilot. Create a Transporter perk similar to the Medic perk, that increases the money earned from insertions. Unlike people that are in the AO, we don't see the $200 every 30 seconds or so. And while insertions and the assists are pretty good XP wise, the money is pretty low, especially when your coughing up $1000 every time a lucky Lynx finds it's mark. A round where I'm on the ground would usually net me around 50-60K at the end, but when I'm just transporting, it's closer to 25-30K. Pretty low incentive for a playing a support role in my opinion.
  2. Thank you, the second donation must have done it. Guess it helps when I put in the right information.
  3. Yeah... I definately screwed up putting in my email. I put 'Poptat133g' instead of 'Poptart133g', saw it in the autofill when I was redoing everything. I redonated just to make things easier.(a little extra money never hurts the community) New information is, Transaction ID: 21505715HF807504L Email: Poptart133g@yahoo.com Steam64 ID: 76561198003274592
  4. What email did you use to donate?: Poptart133g@yahoo.com What is your UID(Steam ID)?: Poptart133 Approximately when did you donate?: 12/23/2018 around 11:30AM What Server did you donate for?: All US $35 What's your Paypal Transaction ID for this donation: I selected the "pay with card option" so I didn't get one I don't think. Thank you for being awesome, -Poptart
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