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  1. Now I'm looking at the kind of c4g "owner" mentality, too pathetic. 😂
  2. Picked up by what? You just say I was a hacker but you have no proof? Think fair? For me it makes no difference in playing or not, I just want the concrete evidence, after all after I killed the smock in the helicopter this happened.
  3. Yes the letter will be issued within 15 days after judicial entry. "kid".
  4. Do you just ban people with lag and say they have lagswitch? My internet is not one of the best, even more with wiring and rain problems. But how can you not provide proof of myself, which I myself am asking? Do not you think that if I were to use some kind of hacker I would not disguise it? Playing with almost 300 ping is not cool, I see people teleporting all the time. Are they going to ban everyone from the servers too?
  5. I do not think I need a zip code for a court case about something on the internet right? I just came to tell you what's coming next. And you're not talking to someone who's under 30, or some child, All entrants will be notified by letter after the court's order to appear in court.
  6. Defamation and slander will be one of the articles cited before the judge, I have not accepted any contract term to enter the server. I did not use anything illegal or give me any benefit myself, and I did not offend or do anything to anyone or anyone from the administration, You just said that I was banned because you wanted me to be banned because I killed you inside the game , All the conversations of all the members who participated in my problem are saved and I am printing for my lawyer. I am Brazilian but thanks to some American laws of you I will be able to solve this quickly in the American-Brazilian embassy. Even if it is your policy that you do not provide evidence, it will help me even more to win the lawsuit for wrongdoing, defamation and false assertion about me. Their administrators told me to get into the discord. Arriving there they just said that I was a hacker and they did not show me accusation, evidence or what kind of hacker I was as they say. They blocked me from the discord and the guy "Smock" who said that I was a hacker also blocked me from the discord. It only shows more that you just banish people because you were killed by her in the game. I have the time and money to carry out all possible measures to resolve this situation, and I will not leave anyone unpunished to receive the well-deserved lesson of accusing someone without proving something.
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