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  1. They already nerfed their view range to force them into the range of tigris' in order to kill them. I don't think further nerfing is needed.
  2. Those of you who follow discord, know that I've been making comments about the implementation of this. Given the present 'nerf' or decrease in view distance on heli's (namely gunships), to 3.5k, I think it is fair to look back and review the potential implementation of the Blackfish onto the no jet's server. 1. First off, one of my favorite things about the no jets servers, is that you can try things that aren't normally realistic on the jet's servers. Gunships (other than the Xi'an), certain vehicles, more tanks etc. etc. Before I continue, to those of you who say "But I can use the Blackfish just fine, and if you enable it I'll go on a mad rampage and gets tons of frags and etc. etc." Cool. You're one of a small population that plays the C4G servers, that can allegedly get tons of frags against jets in a Blackfish. From my personal experience and play time on the servers though, the Blackfish is very rarely used, and even less so utilized for profit. Gunships can fight jets, lord knows the Xi'an can fight jets, and yes the Blackfish can fight jets. But it takes far more coordination, teamwork and (in my opinion) skill to do so in most cases. The No Jets server gives people the chance to use and see vehicles that are harder to use with Jets. You hardly see Gunships other than the Xi'an on the Jets server, unless its a quick up and down, or its a Xi'an, because Jet's perform so well against them. Gunships have to be fairly stationary and are easy to hit while taking off. Blackfish, on the other hand, are larger targets for the 20 and 30mm's. They're easier to hit than gunships because they take off slower and more predictably, and to top it off, they're easier to hit while landing, because in most cases they're slower to land and require a larger space to approach and touchdown, than any Gunship does. So, to summarize this point. No jets allows people to try new things, have larger ground vehicle battles, and gives more opportunity to newer and older players alike to use vehicles they wouldn't typically use/see on the Jet's servers, thus I think the Blackfish would be a good addition. 2. Secondly, the gunships on No Jets recently received a reduction in view distance from 4k -> 3.5k. Thus, they are now visible to AA from farther away, and can feasibly fight off gunships. When you compare this, to the Blackfish, which is not only a much large surface area target for Tigiris', but also must be just as close AND doesn't have the option for FLIR (due to Sa Matra deciding to disable it). I think it is fair to say that the Blackfish has just as much vulnerability and counter play, as the present gunships do. Some may argue that, even still. The gunships have to wire guide or lock and the Blackfish can 105 boxes from the range to hit them. While this is true, Scalpels and DAGRs, can just be wire guided to 3.5k, hell even shot first and then guided after creeping just into view range of AA. Where as the Blackfish, has to vector and stabilize to accurately hit the Cheetah or Tigris, at least (from my experience, but this was on EU and I'm Central NA so ping and desync may have had a factor) and then they still need to hit between 2-3 times, maybe more if the Tigris is moving, or they're not proper hits. Ultimately, the argument that they'd be unbalanced for AA is, from my perspective, null. Especially given the current view distance, FLIR, and amount of times they'd have to hit AA, coupled with the distance between reloads, as opposed to the rapid missile fire of Gunships. 3. Lastly, Blackfish are already fairly balanced. They're large targets, that have to be fairly close to the ground in order to fire, not to mention they have to vector at specific speeds and angles to give most gunners a chance to hit things. The Blackfish is already 8k, yet it's a higher level unlock than the two gunships that previously dominated the server. They have a ton of ammo. Yes this is true, however it's large ammo count is hardly comparable to it's requirements for use. You need a minimum of 2 crew to use it, if you're not what some people would classify as a 'god' at it, you have to be doing a fairly medium to slow speed, while vectoring. You have to be in range to hit specific targets that, without FLIR, can be pretty difficult to find just scrolling around looking for a box. Ground targets, AA, tanks, APC's can shoot at Blackfish and effectively hit them far easier than Gunships in most cases, not to count that Blackfish also have to worry about attack helis and Gunships. To round it all up, even for just hitting AO, the Blackfish has to have either a wide and very azimuth specific vector while moving at a fairly predictable speed, and even then they can't just 'pound AO'. I'd argue that given their present state (and what it would be on No Jets server), they'd only be more effective than a Tigris or APC on AO. However, instead of being a manuverable vehicle that can hide on AO, or something that can bug out fast, it's up in the sky, visible for most to see, and if it's causing enough of a problem, it would be more than reasonable to believe that either team could deal with it simply by pulling a Tigris or cheetah out and, if nothing else, zoning it from AO until ground forces could deal with it, or the Blackfish could correct itself enough to try a pass on it. Honestly, I've asked for the Blackfish to be implemented for a bit now. Both jokingly and seriously. The only justification I've seen opposing it thus far, is people saying that there are a handful of people out there who are decent in them and would dominate on the server. Personally, and I doubt that's the entire/only reason it isn't on the server at the moment, I and most of C4G hardly see armed Blackfish. More so on populated servers or Jet servers. I think that, at the very least, an explanation as to why it absolutely can not work, or maybe a trial period of a couple weeks or a month to see the impact it would have, would be a reasonable test to see if it has a place on the No Jets server. There are a mountain of ways to deal with it, plenty of vehicles that can counter it, and given the lack of FLIR, and required coordination needed, I truly think that Blackfish would serve to increase team play some, or provide an alternative to Gunships, and change the current 'meta' (if you wish to call it that) of the No Jets server.
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