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  1. So i logged on to the US 6 no jet server yesterday to find out that the helis view distance is now only 3500 while a tigris can still see you from 4000. I figured this would not make much of a difference but upon buying multiple blackfoot's and being shot down without seeing the tigris (seeing if it has smoked off or not) i am now confused as to why this was put in place. The only thing this does is eliminate attack helis from the game. I never saw the unbalance as a tigris can pop smokes and still be able to take down a blackfoot without the blackfoot being able to do anything about it. As a user of both the blackfoot and the tigris, I feel it is way too overpowered for the tigris to be able to see a blackfoot a good distance before you can see the tigris. Tell me what yall think.
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