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  1. y u heff to b mad? This is a serious post.
  2. ----------------------------------------- Application Format ----------------------------------------- In-Game Name: Plancus Age: 23 Steam ID: 76561198012791939 -ARMA INFO- Player Profile Name (exactly): Plancus Player ID's (found within your player profile) - ARMA II: ``` - ARMA III: Will you use Team Speak?: Sure What C4G servers do you play on?: US2 & The new Malden one. Why do you want to join the C4G community, what do you hope to do whilst part of it? I used to be #3 and #2 here. So I'm sort of still part of it in some special way. I just enjoy helping people and talking to them. I also know a lot with regards to battlemetrics, rcon, server information, logs, etc etc.
  3. That's why we are here though. Rules are adjusted as the community and the game meta evolves. We take player feedback and use this as a gauge of the current state of the game. Several of the rules are currently being looked over at the moment, but we are having a deeply involved discussion at the moment. In contrast, what you have suggested is giving any administrator additional, emergency powers with no constraints. "Disruptive Behavior" is not a good enough criteria. Suppose the following: Player A shoots down a landing helicopter and, in their cheeky attitude, gives some witty banter. Player B was aboard this helicopter and in addition is a server administrator. He deems player A's behavior as being disruptive to the server and kicks and/or bans them. This is a contrived example, but the current suggestion perfectly allows this. The tradition of following a well defined rule set is what makes an effective counter to both abusive behavior as well as clear, consistent rulings given out by 15+ different potential administrators.
  4. Thank you for keeping us informed about production. Anyway, if you continue this, it's only making it worse.
  5. Thanks man. I'll be sure to keep this in mind. Anyway, this is ridiculous.
  6. Hi, Our system for teamkilling is automated. Two punished teamkills and then you are temp-banned until the server is reset. He should have been banned if you guys punished him, but obviously you did not. Teamkilling of any kind other than mutual silliness has always been treated this way. Next time, come to our teamspeak to report the issue instead of killing them back. Because they are trolls and WILL punish you to get you banned. That is their goal. Our teamspeak is teamspeak.codefourgaming.com. There is almost always at least one admin or officer who can help you at all times of the week. I'm sorry this happened to you. Care to say which server, time, and player names involved?
  7. HC Infantry only KOTH sounds good. Esseker was amazing, and I had a great time on it. I'd like to see that sometime. Maybe we can replace US4 w/ esseker and call it US3. Maybe we can have another server which has a monthly mission/game mode on it that people can vote on the forums to pick the next one.
  8. I suggest you open a ticket. This won't be on a public forum anymore. I can talk to you more there.
  9. Hi friend, What is in-game UID/GUID so I can give you a professional answer.
  10. hell yes ... when the semester ends
  11. Howdy Kilgore, Many admins are friends with each other. Similar to players, we enjoy eachothers company. That being said, we can't always play with eachother due to to real life and administrating getting in the way. Today, the stars aligned, and a rare occurrence happened! We got to play together! As an admin, my role is simple: enforce the rules of the server and make sure no player is cheating and/or harassing their fellow players. As to donations, they are to keep the servers alive. Nothing more, nothing less. Myself and many other admins pay out of pocket to keep them up, but sometimes it's not enough and we are where we are now. What you suggested is essentially forcing people to do things they normally wouldn't do. Peace, Plancus
  12. Howdy folks, today it bring you the option to vote on a potential mission change on our US2 server of Sa-Matra's Wasteland. We recently gained the ability to add or remove the map markers but keep crosshairs in the game. Before we, the admin team, decided what to do, we wanted to ask how our community felt about this change. If many people are for it, we'll consider removing markers from the game; if many people are against it, we'll consider leaving them in. Basically, you decide. Please vote in the poll in the above poll. Tell your friends and your friends' friends to come vote! Humbly, Plancus
  13. Hi Frost, I just checked and you have a permanent ban, but it was for duping. It was on the RU servers, so you may want to talk with them instead since we can't/don't remove bans from other organizations. Sorry I can't help you more.
  14. honestly, I wish we kept it...
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