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  1. +1 from me, regular EU5 player (1400hrs), is a level-headed player.
  2. I've dealt with this now and made a note on his file as he is no longer online. Please come to our discord https://discord.gg/SYjdGXv8 and use the #report-a-player channel in future to make reports, we'll see it and deal with it a lot quicker than on these forums.
  3. Porter


    Due to the nature of this gamemode, and the amount of times Sa-Matra breaks a mission, we do not offer refunds or compensate for loss of your meme coins
  4. Can understand your frustration, some servers have this more than others with regards spawncamping and rednecking, maybe have a look around. The thing is all these things you can fight against or avoid. With regards to racism on the server we don't allow this at all. We can't be on the servers all of the time, but the majority of the time someone will be available on Discord pretty quick if you report people for racism. Just clip a recording if its over VON, or a quick screenshot if its text and we will deal with it.
  5. +1 seems to be a nice friendly mature guy, really helpful around Discord and have seen him be helpful with players in-game too.
  6. Nah you have to start from scratch. If my memory serves right you'll be gifted 100k$ for playing on RHS first time, so money-wise should be fine. But level you'll have to start from scratch.
  7. I'll just copy/paste the link to the discussion from your last warning, clearly you either don't learn/don't care that you're disrupting the game for others. If you're looking for tanks, head over to EU4 or our RHS Vehicle Server.
  8. I've noted his file that he has done this, since he is no longer online, please use our Discord for a quicker response.
  9. "email and/or screenname/password not recognised" maybe try creating a new account? or clicked "Forgot Password" sounds like standard login problems. as for your report I've dealt with and left a note on the users file.
  10. Spike that screenshot didn't load, do you have another. I'd also recommend using our discord https://discord.gg/NxhZ3u we aren't that active on forums for things that need more immediate action, like reports.
  11. +1 see him in game a lot, plays prio and helps his team out.
  12. +1 from me - friendly mature team player, helps where he can, clean player. Has a load of hours on EU5.
  13. Hi Spike I'm the one that warned you today. It wasn't just today, but the last few days, that you've been flying in circles around the AO until someone shoots you down. Flying around and around the AO is annoying for everyone playing, especially with a loud Blackfish at low altitude. While it may be entertaining for you, I don't feel it is comfortable on the ears for 90+ players trying to enjoy the game normally underneath you. Hence this warning.
  14. Hey Horezel VIP skins take a full server restart to activate due to how the ArmA 3 engine works. This happens every 24 hours. If you have donated less than 24 hours ago, hold off on posting. If you have gotten your reserved slot, you will also get your skins! If after the 24hours skins still aren't there, then post in #donation-support on Discord, there you'll get a faster response.
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