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  1. I feel honored to get an answer that fast by you. Why do you believe this to be more OP than the ghillie? You could even bundle it into a perk, together with the countermeasure one, as that is also not really "realistic" There is a testserver after all....
  2. Most vehicle players use the built-in thermal view of their vehicles and designators for spotting enemy infantry. Only the full body ghillie suits give you a good thermal masking so you don't show up as a bright white Blob. The ghillies are only avaiable for the marksman-perk, which IMO is a good idea, however it makes hiding from thermal viewfinders impossible. There is another uniform, that gives you a thermal cover for the whole body: the "Special Purpose Suit" plus Helmet. In the Graphics below are four infantrymen with varying degrees of thermal cover. The one on the left with the least amount, the one on the right with the most. I realize, that there are not 3 different Varieties of that armor, thus making it harder to distinguish players by uniform alone. Most (all?) players use the small coulored rectangles above their teammates to see who is who, so that is in my eyes not really an issue. The other aspect would be balance, especially the helmet is very powerful, the integrated thermal and night vision would have to be disabled and probably only giving them a lvl 1 vest would be sufficient. Overall this would not be a huge change for battles inside the zone, but would greatly change what happens on the way there...
  3. No one said it would be easy. In fact, it should not be easy at all. But the current meta is just at a point, where one good pilot is dominating the game. If that is what is wanted by the devteam, so be it.
  4. This topic is very dear to my heart and has been written about already a couple of times here in the forum (e.g. this thread) and on Discord. Jets and Helicopters being very overpowering to a match, if placed in the hands of a halfway competent pilot. While an argument might be made, that you could "just get a jet yourself", this is flawed. I for one would not count myselft as an even less-than-mediocre pilot. This brings me to the actual suggestion: Give better AA-capabilities to the ground troops. I know this is a large feature request, but with the introduction of the encore update, SAM-Systems and radars have been included. All of them are on trailers and with an inclusion of the idea shown in this video, they could be towable by the HEMMT or other vehicles. It would probably make for a more interesting support gamestyle outside the AO, with dedicated SAM-sites and people hunting those. Attached is a picture of what I am envisioning. On an additional note; why is the visual range for jets at 4000 but the range for ground based vehicles at 3000? This makes it a lot harder for vehicles retaliate or even stop an approaching jet, which can use those 1000m for an attack, even before the vehicle could possibly do anything.
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