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  1. Hello Mate! You should head over to the discord as the admins are less active on the forums as they aren't used for much except member applications. If you head over to the discord and do a vipcheck in the donation channel using your steam64id it should show you have donated and if you haven't an admin should be able to help you.
  2. You'd get faster support via the discord bud, But people talking shit in global really isn't anything new
  3. In-Game Name Mr Lopez Steam ID 76561198168486683 Discord ID 280409192400158722 / Mr Lopez #7087 Age 17 Will you use Discord? Yes What C4G servers do you play on? Well, I've recently gotten back into Arma 3 and C4G, Been playing on US#5, EU#1, EU#4 & Rust. Recently I have mainly been playing the Rust server only because It's a nice game to just relax in and just chill and do whatever I like in te
  4. Spawn trucks take 3 rockets to destroy they have increased health. But thats the only vehicle with increased health.
  5. Middle body of the vehicle.
  6. I requires the profile name change to Mr Lopez pls

  7. I'm against this idea, I feel like KoTH is meant to be a compact fast game mode as it is set now, Spawn in, get a vehicle and make your way to the objective and kill people.
  8. Don't think they are going to change restart times lmao plus soon after 11:30pm many people tend to go to bed as they may have work or school the next day.
  9. All launchers will one hit vehicles or embolize a vehicle, To be honest I just think you are hitting the vehicles directly, If there were a launcher to recommend it would be the MAAWS MK4 MOD1 from the tanks dlc.
  10. 1944 is dead or dying, I personally think if C4G were to open the server again it wouldn't get many people playing on it.
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