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  1. Got a question since i didnt play that often recently.

    Whats the point about joining a group these days  besides joining a private chat channel. What i heard/ nead clarification about is: when you join a group in KOTH you wont get protected anymore about teamswitching, you dont see spotted enemies  and you dont get  more xp. Is this this right?

  2. 6 hours ago, the_kole said:

    Thank you man, appreciated!

    Yes, i think you are right about it..did some testing in the editor and it seems right calibrated in the end.

    Maybe its me/my settings, but did they change also the sensitivity about shooting the Dars..or its fire rate?

    Got the feeling I have to be very fast or click the fire button pretty soft to be able to shoot a single Dar. Otherwise its shooting instantly 2 Dars for me.

    Anyway - thanks again for sharing!

    Dont like it so much tho :)



  3. Hello all!

    Haven't plaid Arma for a big amount of time. Since the ranks got resetted i have been just recently able to hop back in a pawnee which i kinda like to fly. 

    What happened to the "crosshair", this self painted dot ^^? I would rather have no crosshair at all than this thingi ;) Its not even centered right and covering way too much of the screen.

    Can somebody give me any info what the idea behind this is? 


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