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  1. Got a question since i didnt play that often recently. Whats the point about joining a group these days besides joining a private chat channel. What i heard/ nead clarification about is: when you join a group in KOTH you wont get protected anymore about teamswitching, you dont see spotted enemies and you dont get more xp. Is this this right?
  2. Forget my last comment ( I cant edit/delete it for some reasons)...seems this high fire rate appears only in the editor. Cheers
  3. Hello all! Haven't plaid Arma for a big amount of time. Since the ranks got resetted i have been just recently able to hop back in a pawnee which i kinda like to fly. What happened to the "crosshair", this self painted dot ^^? I would rather have no crosshair at all than this thingi Its not even centered right and covering way too much of the screen. Can somebody give me any info what the idea behind this is? Cheers!
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