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  1. Sure, wouldn't get over populated. thats why you make it a "once in a while" type of thing. Thanks for the responses fellas.
  2. I see 😕 I'd still like the option though... lol sure I'd have a dis-advantage but it would be a challenge that I would accept
  3. I've been playing KOTH for quite some time and I've only come across a couple servers that have KOTH "at night" I understand its not the most popular thing but couldn't we add that in to server US #4 (my favorite server and I also donated for it)? I'm not saying have it night time the whole match but maybe part of it? Maybe every other game? I really enjoyed it the last time I played this mode and night and I'd really love it if we could have it with codefourgaming. If any admins see this please bring it up as a topic, or if your another player who enjoys the hell out of these servers please bring it up for discussion. Thanks everyone and have fun cappin!
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