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  1. Nah mate I haven't heard a sausage from anybody, I think they're all over in the Discord chatroom and hardly come into this beautiful proper C4G forum. That's why I've stopped posting my sensational tutorials and screenshots here because there's nobody to see them. PS- Beats me what the hell Discord is for anyway, I don't have the slightest inclination to join it..:)
  2. I'm a PC dummy or I'd have started my own server years ago, so I'd like to team up with one or more people (Sa-Matra perhaps, and others) who know how to create server games. I'll put up all the cash to pay for a new KOTH server, let me know if anybody's interested..:)
  3. An admin (I forget who) told me during a KOTH game yesterday that Sa-Matra is working on a WW2 server called 'Africa' or something, to be launched later which is good news.
  4. For the record, I played 1944 EU#1 every day for months and it was very popular with about 70 or more players in there at peak times from America, Europe and Russia, so I don't know why it's vanished. Sadly, it means there is now no C4G WW2 server for WW2 fans apart from RUSH which is only a first-person shooter.
  5. Sorry but first-person-shooter games like RUSH and Call of Duty are not my cup of tea.
  6. Is 1944 EU#1 coming back? I want to buy a Reserved slot for it.
  7. EDIT again- I got into RUSH today but I don't like it.
  8. Slots sometime take time to activate. Once I had to wait about 24 hours for mine to activate.
  9. EDIT- Well 'Rush' is not passworded any more, but when I tried to join I couldn't get in because a message said I needed some addons or something. Where do I get them? PS- I see a 'Pistols Only' server has just gone up but I can't get in there because it's passworded!! If this carries on I shall go insane and will have to get myself measured up for a straitjacket!
  10. EDIT- the server has now completely disappeared!!!
  11. I've had a shower and combed my hair but the server still wouldn't let me in because I haven't got the password (sniffle)
  12. All servers are free. You do not have to donate to join. What does the screen message say when you try to join?
  13. Where have all the players gone?
  14. I took this screenshot from my Li-2 (foreground), he was flying that Ju52 (in centre of pic) and bombing everywhere with those doughnut-shaped multiple bomb-bursts. It was almost funny because he was killing his own grunts as well as ours! Our Russian team went on to win the game despite him..:)
  15. Groan...I've just tried to spend an enjoyable Sunday afternoon in EU#1 1944 but walked out of two sessions in disgust because planes were completely spoiling every game, and everybody is complaining about it. I estimate that if you're trying to get to the AO in a vehicle or tank, you've only got a 50-50 chance of getting there without getting strafed or bombed. In the past I used to introduce my friends to 1944 but now I'm too friggin EMBARRASSED to do so because I know our transport will probably be shot out from under us and my pals will make some excuse to leave the game without trying again, and I'll be left feeling stupid (sniffle)