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  1. PS- Sometimes some of the 1944 maps are night-time and we can't see a thing because this is WW2 and we don't have night vision, so perhaps that's why some people have gone away? I know we can take a flare pistol instead of a handgun, but even with the ammo perk we only get 7 flares, and when they're used up it's back to pitch black again and it's not much fun.
  2. Perhaps they don't like 1944 because there was no thermal vision in WW2, you have to hunt the enemy with your eyeballs in 1944..:) Also bazookas, schrecks and PIATS only have a realistic short range, so to hit a tank you have to get up close to it and that takes guts..:)
  3. I'm wondering the same thing, where have all the players gone?
  4. Why don't you like the mos scope? You should have bought it just once to try it first, not perma-bought it. Anyway you must have made money to buy it, so now go and make more money in the same way to buy a new scope..:)
  5. It's been empty (0 players) for the past few days and I just wonder why, as there always used to be players in there.
  6. I already tried a new account but still couldn't get into Discord, I might try again sometime but at the moment I'm quite happy to post my tutorials for AA3 and other games in forums where most people hang, for example my tutorials at Bohemia are very popular, and my WW2 photo galleries at Mission4Today forum have had 8 million views so far..:)
  7. Thanks mate, I've tried to join Discord in the past but couldn't get in, it gave me some shite about "Username or password or email not recognised". I tried a few more times with different passwords etc, but it still wouldn't let me in so I thought "bollox to it" and gave up on it. Anyway I hear it's just a chatroom anyway and not a proper forum like C4G. PS- I used to post tutorial stuff here at C4G but then everybody buggered off to Discord so I don't bother any more..:)
  8. This seems to be it- 76561198009964223
  9. PS- I think my Steam user ID is 0:1:24849247
  10. What email did you use to donate?:- I bought a 30 day VIP slot. Which email are we supposed to use? Mine are [email protected] and [email protected] What is your UID(Steam ID)?: - I don't know how to find out Approximately when did you donate?: - 3 days ago What Server did you donate for?:- EU#1 1944 What's your Paypal Transaction ID for this donation:- OCS79988U4915383M
  11. And if any would-be gunners are reading this and want to avoid getting booted out of my tanks too, WATCH YOUR FRONT at all times, because I point our tank at the enemy, so don't keep swinging the gun around like a crackhead. Also play in 3rd-person at all times because you can't see a thing in 1st-person..:)
  12. Try assigning a different key for chat. PS- A lot of people talk too much in KOTH anyway, I'm constantly having to tell my tank gunners to shut their traps and watch their fronts, especially if they keep trying to tell me what to do..:) I say to them on the 1944 server- "I'm level 113 and know what I'm doing, trust me". In fact only yesterday my T-34 gunner kept yapping so I said "Do you wanna walk?" and kicked him out before waiting for a reply..:)
  13. Any chance you could fly us to Vegas?
  14. I'll keep playing 1944 EU#1 to see how it goes, and if I still like it in a week or two I'll donate 100 dollars. At the moment I think planes are too powerful because they can kill tanks and vehicles too easily, and are spoiling the game. Suggestion- make combat planes harder to buy, for example "60 players needed", and also limit planes to a maximum of 2 planes per team.
  15. Hey congratulations to C4G for making the 1944 server 3rd-person again, and I think tanks are easier to get too, so I've just bought a VIP slot..:) Everybody deserted it when it was 1st-person, but hopefully they'll start coming back when the good news gets around.
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