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  1. You must have got me mixed up with somebody else mate, I kept my word and didn't do any low circling over the AO at all today! And how can an UNARMED Blackfish be a threat to anybody? As for EU#4 i'll check it out again but the last time I looked it was like a madhouse with fighter-bombers everywhere dominating the game. I'll look at RHS too but last time I was there many AFV's were buggy.
  2. Look, I've just been kicked from EU#5 for alleged "trolling" whatever that is! And which Admin kicked me? I'm a 72-year-old wargame veteran and AA3 tutorial writer so can somebody explain what "trolling" means? Did some snowflakes complain or what? My VIP donation slot is up for renewal soon, but if I'm treated bad like this i'll keep my money in my pocket. Anyway there are plenty of other servers around and I'm getting fed up of KOTH because there are no tanks in it. i'm off to sulk and pout for a while and watch my new boxed set of Space 1999 DVDs, so yah-boo to you. [/img
  3. Sorry mate I still don't understand, I'm no good at maths. Look, here's an EU#5 game I played today, my Total earnings were 9160, minus 8000, which should have left a final profit of 1160 to make my final score 692615, but the end result says only 692265, or am I missing something?
  4. I buy one (Ifrit/Hunter/Strider), and then drive off. Sometimes I park it behind a hill and disembark so I can run to the crest and look for enemies. But after a while I turn round and run back to it but it's GONE, and I'm left on foot in the middle of nowhere! No enemy has destroyed or stolen it, and none of my teammates have taken it, so why has it disappeared?
  5. I'm PoorOldSpike Bratan teamkilled me. EU#5 I was landing my Blackfish at base and he shot me down for no reason. That Blackfish cost me 1500 cash. I'm also a VIP slot holder. If you don't get rid of idiots like Bratan you'll never attract serious adult players to KOTH, and they won't donate or buy VIP slots.
  6. Hi, I've never been able to understand the final screens (example below). The only thing I want to know is how much CASH PROFIT I've made after deductions for the stuff i've bought?
  7. What email did you use to donate?: What is your UID(Steam ID)?: Approximately when did you donate?: What Server did you donate for?: What's your Paypal Transaction ID for this donation: A lot of your servers have moved to a new server that need passwords. Where can I get the passwords?
  8. Okay after sleeping on it I concede that the loud buzzing of the Blackfish engines might get on some peoples tits so I suggest this sensational future compromise- I'll fly high over the AO to unload my paras, then drop down and circle low and slow just a couple of times looking for a landing spot in the AO, (fearlessly braving the storm of missile and small arms directed against me), then land on it and shut off my engines and pick up objective points. Then after a while (if I'm still alive) i'll restart the engines and climb like a bat out of hell and fly back to base to pick up more paras..:) Some more Blackfish info- As I mentioned before, one missile hit sometimes shoots it down, but usually it takes up to 4 hits to down it, any type of missile might do it, eg Titan, Alamut, MAAWS, Vorona, RPG etc, and even if the machine is still flying after taking hits, it might still be damaged, indicated by my info panel turning orange and then red in various categories (Hull/Engines/Instruments/Controls etc) as the machine takes cumulative damage. For example a red Engine panel means the engines can no longer deliver full thrust and I can barely stay in the air (sometimes the damaged engines will also leave a dramatic smoke trail). Also as I mentioned before, small arms can kill the pilot, so it's worth taking potshots at him. PS- Rammers (Hummingbirds, Mohawks, Caesars) can also kill Blackfishes, they do it to me all the time but I don't complain because it's all part of the fun..:)
  9. Guys, guys you're missing the point, the enemy were having FUN FUN FUN shooting down my Blackfish, in fact I had 8 ( repeat 8 ) Blackfish shot out from under me in a single game the other day, and I didn't hear anybody complaining, that's because they knew they were scoring big cash and exp points for shooting me down! Blackfishes cost 1500 apiece, so that was a total of 12,000 of my cash up the spout but I didn't complain about that, I could handle it, and simply bought a new one with a new camo scheme (Brit/USA/Germany,Russia,Ukraine etc) And I didn't fly high and fast, I flew low and slow at rooftop height and the missiles were coming at me thick and fast, sometimes 1 hit brought me down but usually it took around 3 or 4 hits to down me. The other way to shoot down Blackfishes is to shoot the pilot (me) stone cold dead with small arms and machineguns. And to give the enemy extra fun, I usually LANDED smack in the middle of the AO and switched off my engines (how kool is that) and they'd converge on me in a feeding frenzy throwing showers of grenades while I re-started my engines and struggled to lift off again with my damaged engines smoking like crazy. To sum up, it was FUN for me and it was FUN for the enemy, much more fun than a boring empty sky is going to be..:)
  10. And why am I now called a 'Guest'? Can anybody see my posts or not?
  11. Is Discord just a chat room, or can we post screenshots and tutorials there? Is it better than this C4G forum?
  12. On a server containing tanks and other AFV's you can make very big money and big exp by killing them..:) Also, if the server contains a spawn vehicle, drive it to the AO yourself and you'll get cash and exp every time a teammate spawns from it..:)
  13. Hi guys, I've been away from KOTH for a few months and have recently returned and have got a couple of questions- 1- Has the KOTH 1944 server been discontinued? 2- Why are some KOTH servers passworded? Can I have a password?
  14. PS- Sometimes some of the 1944 maps are night-time and we can't see a thing because this is WW2 and we don't have night vision, so perhaps that's why some people have gone away? I know we can take a flare pistol instead of a handgun, but even with the ammo perk we only get 7 flares, and when they're used up it's back to pitch black again and it's not much fun.
  15. Perhaps they don't like 1944 because there was no thermal vision in WW2, you have to hunt the enemy with your eyeballs in 1944..:) Also bazookas, schrecks and PIATS only have a realistic short range, so to hit a tank you have to get up close to it and that takes guts..:)
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