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  1. Thanks, if you're already making enough money and you're happy, you don't need any cash or advice or ideas from me..:) Incidentally the 1944 server has been empty for the past week or two and I don't know why unless it's because you made it HC 1st person only which a lot of people including me don't like. It used to attract about 50 players at peak times when it was 3rd person.
  2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the moment 1944 is an infantry-fest show, so making tanks easier to get would improve the balance. Remember, tanks were invented to make war more fun, and it's FUN to knock out tanks with bazookas, schrecks and PIATS..:) As for a 1st person / 3rd person mix, I tried it in 1944 but I don't like it, I only like 3rd-person servers, so regretfully I've now abandoned 1944. Incidentally I'm a 71-year-old wargame veteran, game developer / playtester, forum moderator, and I write tutorials for various wargames. I also donate loads of cash to sites which I like, for example yesterday I donated 100 dollars to the "Little-known old airfields" site. Hopefully in the future KOTH 1944 will have more tanks and go back to 3rd-person, and when that happens I'll be happy to donate 100 bucks to C4G..:)
  3. What does that mean? Incidentally I've now abandoned the 1944 server because the 3rd person view has been disabled, I hate 1st person.
  4. Hi, I buy a VIP slot sometimes but don't donate much because I'm a WW2 tank fan, and tanks are hard to get in KOTH, so I sulk and pout a lot. But if Sa-Matra (or whoever else runs the show) makes the tanks much easier to get in the 1944 server, I'd be happy to donate large sums of money towards the server cost to keep it running..:)
  5. Until recently all sounds were nicely balanced such as engine noise, gunfire and explosions etc, but now I nearly jump out of my skin when I fire my rifle because it's so loud, and if I turn the volume down I can hardly hear the other sounds. Also, there are 9 Audio settings from 16 to 128, which one shall I use?
  6. EDIT- okay I found out how to do it, I had to select Game options>Difficulty>3rd person on
  7. It works fine in KOTH multiplayer with Enter (Numpad) like it always has, but it's stopped working in the Eden editor, any idea why?
  8. I wish tanks were easier to get in KOTH because I'm fed up having to play as a grunt most of the time. Tanks are only available when lots of people are on the server, and even then there's a "tank parity" thing that restricts their purchase, plus of course they're very expensive. So as things stand, tanks are usually a rare sight in KOTH more's the pity because TANKS WERE INVENTED TO MAKE WAR MORE FUN..:) Suggestion to Sa-Matra or whoever runs the show- Make tanks available without any restrictions of any kind. Perhaps tanks scare some players, so if that's the case they can go to an Infantry-only KOTH server or play tiddlywinks instead..:) Tanks don't scare me at all..:) Below: Tiger trashed at Kursk
  9. Anyway, regrettably I've already got enough on my plate without adding Discord, for example I've got my holy duties as a mod at Mission4Today forum to perform, (my sensational WW2 photothreads there have had 8 million views), and I also write tutorials and do screenshots at the Order of Battle wargame forum, plus I also write more shit at the Bohemia AA3 forum and the Steam AA3 forum, and also hang at Leaked Reality, Liveleak and Truthzone, and after doing the rounds of that little lot I need gallons of hot sweet tea and a lay down, and fantasize about being mothered, pampered and fussed over by Nurse Chapel, but sadly she's only got eyes for Spock even though he don't want her, huh there's bleddy Vulcans for you..
  10. Thanks mate but sorry I can't get into Discord, I tried twice last year and have just tried again but when I click "Claim account" I get some message shit about "email already registered" or "password not recognised". The bottom line is I don't NEED Discord anyway, so bollox to it, but if people want to come into this beautiful C4G forum to ask KOTH questions and stuff I'd be happy to post screenshots and tutorials to help them out. PS- I've been a mod at the Mission4Today forum for years and that's how we do it there because no M4T members want to bugger off to Discord, we don't need it..:)
  11. Thanks mate and I noticed today (July 27th) that there are Brit tanks (Crusader/ Churchill/ AVRE) in Staszow for the Opfor team, but apparently you have to select the 'UK Commando' uniform to get them, and be above a certain Level. PS- hey Sa-Matra if you're reading this the Germans badly need an equivalent to the Stuart, I'd suggest a Panzer III with 37mm gun, because the 8-wheelers are outmatched because they don't have 360-degree turrets, and can't pivot on the spot like tanks can.
  12. Hi, I had great fun on 1944 EU#1 earlier today on the new Afrika map, but when I just went in again it was the Stazsow map! Will the Afrika map be coming back?
  13. It used to work fine, but now if we select the DSNR perk we don't get a Designator, we only get ordinary binoculars.
  14. Nah mate I haven't heard a sausage from anybody, I think they're all over in the Discord chatroom and hardly come into this beautiful proper C4G forum. That's why I've stopped posting my sensational tutorials and screenshots here because there's nobody to see them. PS- Beats me what the hell Discord is for anyway, I don't have the slightest inclination to join it..:)
  15. I'm a PC dummy or I'd have started my own server years ago, so I'd like to team up with one or more people (Sa-Matra perhaps, and others) who know how to create server games. I'll put up all the cash to pay for a new KOTH server, let me know if anybody's interested..:)