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  1. Groan...I've just tried to spend an enjoyable Sunday afternoon in EU#1 1944 but walked out of two sessions in disgust because planes were completely spoiling every game, and everybody is complaining about it. I estimate that if you're trying to get to the AO in a vehicle or tank, you've only got a 50-50 chance of getting there without getting strafed or bombed. In the past I used to introduce my friends to 1944 but now I'm too friggin EMBARRASSED to do so because I know our transport will probably be shot out from under us and my pals will make some excuse to leave the game without trying again, and I'll be left feeling stupid (sniffle)
  2. Your sig- "The only good player is an infantryman player inside the priority Secure and Hold yellow circle. Enemies not included" Hmm on the other hand we it could be said that it's far more fun to fearlessly operate outside the AO, hunting enemy tanks and vehicles on the naked open battlefield..:) Personally in KOTH 1944 I like taking a Scout car and gunner out on deep recon patrols sweeping through enemy territory in high speed chases after his jeeps and light stuff with our 50cal, and stopping to jump out and clobber his tanks with our bazookas. When I buy a Scout at spawn and a gunner jumps in, I tell him "Stay if you like, but be warned I intend going in harms way"..:)
  3. I don't know if you've tried this idea, but I suggest that only 4 planes could be allowed to be in the air at any time (two maximum on each team).
  4. Regarding ground unit campers in general, I've got absolutely no complaint against them because it's FUN hunting them down and killing them, and anyway they can be easily avoided by going offroad..:)
  5. In EU#1944 I've tried all the weapons and my favourite small-arm is the Russian PPSH SMG with Drum magazine (take MGR perk to get the drum) because its rate of fire is phenomenol and the drum holds a massive 71 rounds, so you can lay down a sustained hail of fire without having to take a break to reload. As regards AT launchers, my favourite is the bazooka, it comes with 4 rockets, and there's no tank in the game that can withstand 4 hits without severe damage or destruction. I use my bazooka as "personal artillery" to fire not just at tanks and vehicles, but also at infantry and any buildings that might contain them. I've tried the Panzerschreck too but I get the impression that its rockets are not quite as powerful as the bazookas. The Panzerfausts only have a very short range and I don't like them.
  6. Yeah I miss Tanoa too, the jungle parts were thick, hot and humid and the sweat used to run down my face..:)
  7. Regarding heli-snipers, we all hate their guts but there are other ways to take them down without ramming, for example with a missile launcher and sniper rifle of your own, I did a thread about it a while back..:)
  8. Sorry, I don't know the answer, maybe other people do but sadly a lot of people seem to have deserted this beautiful forum over the past year or so; I used to post tutorial stuff but have given up because there's hardly anybody here to read them..:)
  9. The Russians have got a Stuart but the Germans haven't got an equivalent. There are already models in the community like these below, so perhaps Sa-Matra can use a Pz III (with 37mm gun or short 50mm gun) to put in the game?-
  10. After getting flak damage and starting to trail smoke, how do we repair the plane? I tried landing and coming to a stop, then jumped out but the mouse scroll wheel didn't bring up any option to repair. I then tried taxiing into the repair depot but the plane was too big to go in. (I haven't tried repairing a Li-2 yet)
  11. Dunno if this is a bug, but since the recent update there's been no GPS mini-map in the tanks via key ' ]'
  12. When it happens to me and the game freezes I wait to see if it unfreezes on its own, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. If the freeze clock reaches 90 seconds I get the message "connection failed" and I'm out of the game. Usually it's because my internet connection has dropped, so check it.
  13. There are all sorts of launchers against planes, helis and vehicles, so it all depends what you're shooting at, some need a lockon but some don't. Your best bet is to use the Editor to try out everything..:)
  14. Planes are ruining KOTH 1944 because they make it almost impossible to drive anything to the AO without getting strafed. As for buying tanks, forget it because it's no fun spending big cash on one and getting it strafed after 2 minutes. I haven't bothered renewing my VIP slot because of it.
  15. Hi mate I can't believe nobody still hasn't answered your question 3 weeks after you posted it, I suppose it's true what people are saying about this site that it's as dead as a dodo. Pity because I used to like writing tutorials and stuff here but everybody seems to have drifted away, what a waste of a good forum. To answer your question- I've logged over 3000 hours on KOTH, and have tried joining groups but I honestly can't see what good they are or what purpose they serve, and not only that but they clutter up the text message box and also clutter up the screen by putting diamonds around all your team members. So I never bother joining groups and it hasn't done me any harm at all by going it alone, I'm always rolling in cash..:)