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  1. that's why I don't mind when it's on
  2. @superDave For the record, Exile isn't gone, it's been moved to another box. also: you come off as a spoiled self-entitled brat that's heavily lacking in world sense. You know, since we're flinging childish insults around.
  3. Ban appeals are now handled through Support Tickets. They can be found using the link on the right in the top banner of the page. or by clicking here
  4. Saiko


    didn't realize my quality was set to potato.. mind you this was a few weeks ago when i have the bad x264 codec... "> recent ones are much better.. just not clipped together yet
  5. i have so many more things set than just those.. might be why I've never experienced the crashing even after getting win 10.. EDIT: using that tbbmalloc that i linked netted me an extra 8 fps
  6. or download a secondary one like this one https://github.com/fred41/tbbmalloc_arma
  7. To be fair, I said to put in a ticket *points to top of page - right side*
  8. Saiko

    New Site

    tbh, per person profiles are nice because they allow people that don't want irritating bright forums to be.. well.. irritating. While for those that like the bright can keep it. As it is.. my eyes hurt >.> lol
  9. Saiko

    New Site

    any chance of getting personal css options? ie: personal themes?