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  1. Hello Girls and Guys, I'm playing video games for more than 20 years now and my passion hasn't wither threw the years, i have a strong competition spirit and if i'm not good at something i will allways try my best to improve myself and dominate because losing is not an option, But it happens and it's a lesson to learn from it. And the thing i really do like about video games nowadays is Multiplayer features where people can measure their skills against each other or assemble their forces to dominate their enemies together, or simply enjoy a great adventure and create great memories, for the love and fun of the thing, a true burning desire. BUT in KOTH by the myghty sa-matra and co', this is not the case at all, because of the system and mostly PLAYERS. Let me explain myself what's on my mind first : - Having played many many many games, i have aquired experience, honor and pride, but i try to stay humble by all means even dealing with the most poluted and trash people / player ever, and in this game like any other, they are legion. - Those same players, ALL stack in the same team, like 20 people, knowing all the 'keys to victory / dirty playing - tactics to overcome all the other players, may they be new and old, making this game from awesome to ridiculously pathetic by their Behaviour and attiude, because they are allways the first ones to open their mouth and taunt / flame other people, even though their words are empty of any human emotions and logic, because they are allways in the wrong but they even don't know it, and that's kinda irritating and pityfull. - Secondly, the thing is, they do not only stack in the same team, when they die, or get killed, or get REKT, or they think they're losing too much money, they just switch in the team of their enemies BECAUSE they got no honor, no logic, no love for themselves and no respect at all for their opponent, and as a pridefull player i can't understand why you prefer money / greed / low mentality disregarding your fucking gaming pride and selfesteem, be better than your opponent cause you're better ? and not because you lick their foot by being leeches and pro ass cleaners, that's kinda irritating and fucking lame for you, sorry but it is the case, you'll always be losers in games and it reflects who you really are in real life, so yeah it's a little disapointing for the future of this planet, and future gaming community. - Returning to the main subject, what i'm complaining for : 1 - People Stacking in the same team to litteraly RAPE everyone else by all means necessary ( When they do, there's nothing fair, but at least there is action and tension so it's no that bad from that point of vue, you can't get bored trying to get them if you don't give up and really want to take revenge cause you are a real player and don't give a fuck about your money, like I do ) / But think about it, if you all are in different teams, equalizing the balance ,shouldn't it be more FUN, MORE ACTIVE, AND MORE PLEASURABLE ? oh sorry you can't cause money, so someone with mighty authority and powers should do it for you, sadly but hopefully ! 2 - People switching In the most advantageous team when they get killed or see that there will be little threat to their bank account, like all the time it happens ( This is really lame, even though they were in top position with 50+ kill streak, they can smell money making in skilled players and take advantage of them, what i dispise the most and we can't do anything about it .... ) - And FINALY, what i suggest for this mater of game experience to be smooth, fun, active, intense, fair is really SIMPLE : - What you can do for us who wants to play a game with our heart and not our saliva is this ! great sa'matra and co team : - Can't you establish some kind of PUNISHMENT for PEOPLE that switch teams too oftenly or to take advantage of real players.. Like i don't know, a SCRIPT that prevent them from switching Because they are locked in their team with conditions of course, like 15 kills + you are locked, or 50 points or more you are locked i'm just saying those values as an example. / Or if you do not want to think about that, just punish them, by taking their pride, their love, in their cases their money, even their level if necessary ! You have to make them understand that Switching in the same team / winning team is LAME, NOT FUN AND DISGRACEFULL ( for the little self esteem they have left ) Thank you for reading me, i may sound too proud but trust me i know my limits, ( Sit down be humble remember ? ) but i can't take it anymore, for my passion and the cohesion of every single player in koth, you have to do something for balancing and abusing players because you have the power to ! the lame players too have the power to change, but they won't cause money t(-_-t).
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