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  1. i would most definitely vouch for him too! +1
  2. lythium (misspelled it) is another map i played on on exile a bit. also chernarus might be cool to play on. but it doesnt need to be new maps. even if you stick to altis, it would be cool to have more different areas to play.
  3. to this i would like to add maybe adding more/new areas too. its currently the same 6 or 7 maps i think? Maybe games alternating between altis, tanoa and lithium so you have to adjust your gear and play style more to the environment?
  4. just wanna say to everyone here, next time go to discord. in the support channel it was widely explained that the issue wasnt on the C4G side, but at the main database by sa-matra. so next time, just keep an eye on discord when stuff like this happens
  5. quite a lot of ppl have already seen this thread (231 atm) but only so little ppl reply on it..... would love some more replies
  6. Well Nicole, you know how I think about him 😉 +1
  7. in my oppinion the no towers makes it better coz theres no camping there with the whole team. before the priority zone i played quite a lot of matches where a whole team would just hole up in T4 or T5 and wait out the match. there was no way to clear a tower even with coordinated efforts of an entire team because of the bottleneck principle. now with the prio zone the towers are used a lot less, atleast on the us#2 server (only HC infantry for KOTH vanilla) and basically are only a hole for campers and their protectors. this is why i started my own topic to request a KOTH Vanila HC Infantry No Towers server. if you like the idea, just +1 at my topic, and if we get enough, im sure itll come soon enough. https://codefourgaming.com/forums/topic/2196-hc-no-towers-infantry-server/
  8. +1. Seems like a straight up guy. good asset for the community (probably misspelled that)
  9. just noticed that EU#1is a 1944 server, and no longer HC as it says on the homepage of this site, so, maybe another server? just converting US#2 maybe?
  10. Hello, I would like to request the alteration of one of the HC Infantry to have the towers removed. With the priority zone being a moving area, the towers are not really being used anymore but by annoying campers. I hope there’s ppl who want to try this with me. I know it was the most popular server at rhs when I played that a while back. Maybe eu#1 would be a good one to try it on, since it’s a new server.
  11. +1 Been playing with magnus for over a year now. should be a very good member for C4G
  12. +1. been playing with Lutton for close to a year now. Would be a good addition to the community
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