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  1. I always play Bluefor because the scopes are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better. My understanding is that Opfor weapons do more damage but are less accurate, if we're talking about assault rifles anyway. Additionally, the little bird is the best chopper to get infantry into the AO. Oh, and Bluefor's armour looks better. So yeah I agree, it should be more balanced than it is currently.
  2. So King of the Hill RHS Inf No Towers EU#3 HC is constantly full (100+/110) and appears to be the most popular server by a mile. Whereas the other KotH servers that share progression (EU#2, US#5, US#2) are rarely more than half full. Other servers such as EU#6(Tanoa) I've literally never seen a single player on. Seeing as there are lots of people who just want to play EU#3, I guess because it's first person only, no towers and infantry only, why are CodeFourGaming paying rental costs for empty servers instead of making another server with the same properties as their most popular one? I should stress this isn't a complaint by any means. EU#3 is probably my favourite Arma 3 server I've found, just frustrating that it's constantly full and you can't get in. I looked into paying for reserved slots but after June 8th this doesn't apply to RHS servers. Seems weird that C4G would pay to rent empty servers that nobody uses, instead of increasing the capacity of the more popular flavours. Thoughts?
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