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  1. https://twitch.tv/thetripout I haven't been on in a couple weeks due to personal life stuffs but that seems to be settling down
  2. Hey all! Had Arma 3 for a while but just getting into KOTH and such, played lots of Arma 2 wasteland back in the days. Looking to find a new place to call home and game with some of the community members. I'll be on TS or Discord with the name Trip-Out and you may even see me on the US KOTH servers, feel free to say hi or if you fancy grouping up! Bit about myself, Tech/Admin of previous gaming communities for 10+ years I enjoy streaming Star Citizen on the weekends, maybe even some Arma too? Pretty easy going, like to have fun, long walks on the beach and poetry by the fire. This is starting to sound like an ad to date me, LOCAL SINGLES IN YOUR AREA!
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