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  1. In-Game Name Sgt. Clark & Lone Wolf Age 28 Steam ID cant find it very sorry :( Will you use Team Speak? Yes What C4G servers do you play on? All Mostly depending on the time & players on server Why do you want to join the C4G community? i Have Played C4G for over 3 years now & was a vip before on here & just got bk after a break from Arma. I am also a vip now on your servers. Are there any admins or members of codefourgaming that might be willing to vouch for you? Not sure What's your favourite weapon/vehicle/playstyle? i have played Koth servers for over 3 years Now & kind of think to myself as a Leader & mentor in a way as i am a Vet in the game been also mainly to c4g & h.t servers before your merge to your own. been reset many times before the online data saving Have you been banned from CodeFourGaming servers or other king of the hill communities before? No unit warning Sgt. Clark Lone Wolf