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  1. started again, played like 4 hours, then crash bad module, after that i can join for 1-5 minutes then kicked client not responding. could anyone hard restart the server next time its over? i've tried restarting my router and same problem thanks
  2. all fixed now, works great. lets see if i can go 1 hour with crash bad module tho, that has been troubling me. next time i'll just wait before posting a thread
  3. i tried that, flushed my dns, re-installed battle eye and same thing. i can play on EU #5 tho in the mean time no problem so i'll just wait and try again when it gets restarted, thanks for the reply
  4. hello, i was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to hard restart server #4 us, i have been getting client not responding for 12+ hours and every server works fine, but not this one. i would really appreciate it if you guys could restart it so i can play again. thank you
  5. all seems to be fixed now, lucky for me
  6. hello! for two days i have happily been playing on CodeFourGaming King of the Hill Infantry US #4 24/7 Day, then about 12 hours ago i got a game freeze bad module info, ever since that error i get battle eye init failed, but its ONLY on this Infantry US #4 server, when i try to connect even before it says 'server is full' i get this battle eye failed to init, i have tried 10+ other servers and even other CodeFourGaming servers and i'm able to play fine. just not on this server, which i miss! i have re-installed arma3/battle eye, verified all my files, its been 12 hours and i still get the same message ONLY on infantry #4, i can play fine on ANY OTHER code4gaming servers, so i was wondering if any of the admins can check the logs or restart the server, it makes no sense i get this message only for this one server but none other. please help! thanks -hehe
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