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  1. how do i get to channel so i can speak to the team
  2. got in to teamspeak and selected the blufor squad but seem to be in lobby so hoow to get to team so they hear me
  3. have tried to use teamspeak.codefourgaming.com to get team speak to work in code 4 games but when got to it says unable to connect any suggestions thanks [email protected],com
  4. Riddle, I tried the ip you suggested it said "unable to connect". I tried this once i started arma and had entered a game and opened teamspeak but saw nowhere to put that address. New to this so sorry if this is a pain. next suggestion??? Philip thanks
  5. Started ARMA 3 2wks ago enjoy playing but making team speak to work difficult not connection. I started the team speak so have blank window. Start a code 4 game and see the click here for team speak, sometimes fills in info on teamspeak other times nothing. so what am i missing. doing the game thru STEAM. Any help apreciated. Phil
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