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  1. Ensure you are subscribed to the mods in this Steam collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1290398866 NOTE: the JSRS Sound Mod files are OPTIONAL.
  2. We dont have the ability to disable shooting from safezone, feel free to create a task on feedback.armakoth.com to communicate the problem to the people who can change it
  3. Exactly to cause this glitch and make you wonder how he killed you, it's a commonly known bug
  4. So the way Arma checks which gun was used is kind of flawed. It only checks once you die which gun the person who killed you had in their hands. So when he shoots from over 1k away he has plenty of time to switch to his pistol, rangefinder or designator.
  5. Do you still need help? If so please visit our discord http://discord.codefourgaming.com and head to the #ban-appeals channel
  6. RHS will be revisited, fixed and rebalanced as much as possible after koth vanilla v12 is released afaik.
  7. @PoorOldSpike VIP skins are limited to the assets vanilla Arma 3 has. Also the red Cross very much dislikes it's symbol being used in videogames which is why the medical trucks have the red square with white background in Arma. https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/video-game-red-cross-health-pack-emblem/
  8. The vorona was removed in the new test version since it was way too strong, both in taking out armed vehicles and transport helicopters. It might get replaced by the maaws and/or the vorona HE in the future. You can now permanently buy the lynx apds which can easily take out any offroad armed or ghosthawks. There's no gmg available on infantry servers.
  9. This is something to be done by sa-matra, rhs koth just simply isn't a priority at the moment.
  10. Yes, you can shoot the Helis snipers, you can't however crash a plane into them
  11. 1) the thread you linked is about koth 1944 where jets had lock-on weapons and there was little retaliation to be had with ground vehicles 2) if your getting spawncamped by a jet, how are you going to leave the safezone and setup your SAM site without getting shot to oblivion? The hemtt doesn't have smokes to defend from any lock-on weaponry 3) jet view distance has to be higher than ground view distance because you are going up to 1500 kph and because of the fog youd barely be able to see the ground at 2k height
  12. No, since they are not part of the official servers, their servers and stats are completly seperate from ours.
  13. Its from the new arma 1.84 update, and im 99%sure it is centered right, it just doesnt adjust for tilt/yaw since its sharpie on a piece of glass
  14. Thanks for the report, ive dealt with it! In the future try reporting peoole at discord.codefourgaming.com
  15. I have no experience in arma scripting, but there may not even be a way for the mission to track your mouse movement