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  1. sorry for the late response. I am out of town
  2. +1, has the best armpit hair around and is a good player I guess.
  3. ah, nm I misread your post as 'on the way' but you said "the way." my mistake
  4. to clear some confusion I am asking what your source is for this information on a no armed aircraft server being on the way.
  5. Awesome and Thank you Delta6. This was quite a welcoming sight after several hours of work today.
  6. Will get on it when I next online and see them.
  7. forgot to say on US#1 and US#6 I mainly go with a tigris or a blackfoot. depends on who else is online, and what they are comfortable with as I am typically the pilot or driver
  8. In-Game Name SquaredCubed Age 22 Steam ID 76561198064314592 Will you use Team Speak? No What C4G servers do you play on? US#1 US#3 US#4 US#6 Why do you want to join the C4G community? In all honesty I am not sure if I missed some info somewhere but from my understanding this is the C4G forums. I hope I am not filling out an admin application but rather a member application, that is for the C4G group/community/unit/thingy. While I plan on try for admin in the future if it is possible I do not think I deserve that sort of status at this point in time. I want to be apart of a group of Arma players who care about the game and are looking for fun and competitive tactical game-play. I have spent a few months playing on C4G KoTH servers after trying Hostile Takeover and really not vibing with that community. I found KoTH through a friend who played on Hostile and within a few days went looking for a different host. When I found C4G, this was all within the first few weeks of my delve into arma, I felt like this was the environment I was looking for and felt that I could spend time here. After maybe two months and then the reset for V11 I was solely playing Arma for the C4G KoTH servers. At this point I had stopped playing all other games and ceased streaming so that I could play without worry of what others thought I should be doing, I just focused on what was fun. Once I hit level 30-ish following the V11 reset I decided to donate for all US servers since I like to jump in and start playing rather than wait for a slot. Over the following months I began to notice regulars and they started to notice me. I was lining times up so we would be on roughly at the same time despite not even being friends on steam. To me this is a first, I have never been apart of a community of online gamers where friends lists are irrelevant, it is all about who you remember and who is online regularly. I recently started to become more active on discord and have been scrolling through past bans and ban appeals simply to familiarize myself with them, understand the format, see how best to record and document diffrent types of violations, and because some of the people trying to appeal them are hilariously funny when they get mad. So if I had to say why I want to join this community it would be that I feel like it is one I am starting to be accepted into and one I want to become apart of. A side note is that I no longer use Teamspeak after I left an amateur CS:GO team but I am willing to try to switch back, I just prefer the discord UI and if the difference between the two is not an issue I would stick to discord but if I have to I could switch as long as it is acceptable to leave for discord when certain users ask me to join their discords when playing as I would hate to be talking randomly in either. Are there any admins or members of codefourgaming that might be willing to vouch for you? I hope I list the correct people, in all honesty I can be a bit shy at times so I am just going to list those who I see online and am pretty sure are members(I do recognize that just because I see them on a lot does not mean they can necessarily vouch for me but I figure putting down those who I see most often is a good idea and if they choose not to vouch for me then that is their prerogative). I do not actively engage in conversation with all of these people as regularly as others. xTitle try to help him out when he is sniping and he has given me some pointers along the way Deadly_JC haven't really used VON with him directly but I see him in chat. One of the best pilots I have seen. Ssgt. Nemo I am pretty sure is a member. I just recently started to see Nemo online more frequently than I had before, probly due to my lack of observation skills. Very fun person to play with and always friendly to others. Really enjoy when we are on a team together, and when we are not I just hope I am not hit by a rocket flying out of a tree line when I fly. Smurfsgt. Nicole Now I know we have only ever engaged in the occasional text chat and it is typically when I snipe the pilot out of xTitle's heli when I find them in a heli sniping but I have seen her on a lot when I am. Typically we wont land on the same team but on the chance we do I feel like I present myself as a level headed team member who is trying to not only have fun but encourage group game play. What's your favourite weapon/vehicle/playstyle? It varies on time and who is online. When I am solo I prefer to snipe, it is what got me interested in Arma. With a group of people I communicate well with I play an aggressive priority-zone control style. When I am just trying to unwind I fly hummingbirds and the occasional large heli. I got a flight stick to try to improve and it is how I leveled from 10 to 35-ish after the V11 reset. Sniping I mainly use the M320 but I just perma bought the APDS so that might change soon. In Prio-Zone I like to use the Type 115 with a MAAW or just run a Zafir, depends on the enemy teams. Have you been banned from CodeFourGaming servers or other king of the hill communities before? nope
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