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  1. In-Game Name Zanima Age 18 Steam ID 76561198069482369 Will you use Team Speak? Yes What C4G servers do you play on? EU#5 and EU#2 RHS Why do you want to join the C4G community? I've had a great time playing with members of the community and playing on the servers and I would love to be part of the community that run them Are there any admins or members of codefourgaming that might be willing to vouch for you? I don't believe so What's your favourite weapon/vehicle/playstyle? My favourite play style is to use the M320 LRR and LRPS and provide sniper support and when not sniping I use the MXSW with a RCO and like to clear out towers Have you been banned from CodeFourGaming servers or other king of the hill communities before? No
  2. The issue was fixed for abit but it is happening again