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  1. Only problem I could see with the idea is the fact shikra missiles you fire from 6 light years away and hit people with no lock. The amount of ramming would be crazy and a little tough to enforce since it could be an accident but hard to tell sometimes and also the population of the server would be very unstable due to the amount of money vehicles take especially jets.
  2. It isn't just the vanilla JSRS mod right? There are files you need for RHS version of JSRS. Make sure you have these installed and loaded on the Arma 3 launcher before launch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1290398866
  3. riggs, kju, 1944, v10, zw, clonk, вейстленд are some of the double exp codes. You have to press the tilde key below the "esc" key/ to the left of your 1 key on the top left of your keyboard and that will bring up a menu in game which you type the code in and press enter once you've typed it in.
  4. I may have screwed up the invite link you can try this one just to be sure https://discord.gg/5cxws4 if you'd like. Also if you go to the home tab on here and scroll down to the Discord logo there will be a hyper link you can press just underneath.
  5. https://discord.gg/szPjr6 here's an invite link if that doesn't work
  6. Admins aren't required to show you their evidence. Also it was the OP's fault in the first place for not reading the server rules.
  7. Ah alright good to hear you got it working. Have fun
  8. Not sure if that could be an issue because of the mods you have loaded. Also I'm not exactly sure why your mods have red circles, CUP terrains is the only one for me that has the red circle. If you really wanted to you could completely uninstall your IFA3_AIO_LITE and CUP Terrains - CORE mods and then reinstall them. Usually when a mod isn't working it throws a battleye error so could be a problem you're having.
  9. Get rid of "IFA3_Terrains_LITE" "I44_Terrains" "WW2 Objects"
  10. Open "Steam" go to the "Library" tab, Right Click on "Arma 3" go to "Properties" then go to "Local Files" tab and select "Verify Integrity Of Game Files". That will run and check all your files too see if any are corrupted.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=583496184 CUP Terrains https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660460283 IFA3
  12. Well also at the time of that screenshot, 4:30pm gmt is 9:30am Central in the US on a weekday I wouldn't expect anyone on at that time. From my experience it fills up later in the afternoon.
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