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  1. I am no longer active but this thread brings up a topic we have struggled with since day one. I felt I should chime in because I used to hold the same view as you do now... that All C4G should try to enhance the experience of opfor and blufor. As that is the most basic opportunity we have, to build relations with the public players in our servers. Unfortunately, after years of arma, I have realized that you cannot try to force players, members, admins to join a specific team. They have to want to do it and the server population as a whole has to support each other to improve teamwork on those specific teams. Trolls have ruined many player's perspectives on opfor/blufor in WS. I believe this can be corrected but I also sympathize with those who have given up hope. just my thoughts... also, anything deemed unfair is just biased opinion because you are playing against admins. I understand your feelings because most communities online are corrupt. CodeFourGaming does not operate like most communities though, so your feelings although understandable... are totally unwarranted here. I believe channels of communication between admin and public player would benefit from playing together on opfor/blufor but I dont believe that the two must play together for the server to be successful.
  2. I assure you this will be taken into consideration. All of our admins are expected to act in a professional manner at all times. I am aware that this is not always the case and I do have oversight in place to try and catch our admins slipping up. That said, We quality control our administrator's actions very strictly. Unfortunately I may not be able to guarantee professionalism at all times but I can guarantee zero admin abuse(pertaining to any powers received as admin). As I understand it, the player was threatened with a ban but a ban was not actually given? If this is the case, then I cannot reprimand jelly master for admin abuse but we will look at his professional conduct regardless. Now, Exile being a newer mod and our server only having been up for a couple days, It is our fault that these situations occur. We did not prepare a rule set before launching the server and this has caused us many issues, not just between us and the public playerbase but amongst our very own members as well. I don't believe it is fair to remove admins over this incident just yet but I can tell you that we will instate rules. Meanwhile this incident will be investigated. Your claims concerning lack of professionalism will be investigated. Eventually(within a few days), Our exile server should be easier to manage and therefore our admins should know what and what not to enforce. This should stop any more situations like the one you experienced from occurring. If you choose not too play on our servers then that will certainly not do us any good... If I can do anything to change your mind, I will try. However, I will not make changes without fully learning the details, so please be patient and allow time for that. It would also help us if you continued to join the server and report any issues you have with admins. The more reports we have against, the better prepared we are to make a judgement call. Thanks for your time.
  3. Vehicle Towing Glitch - using the tail of vehicles in a vehicle train to pass through terrain or solid objects as to damage players positioned in cover. The tail of vehicles may be used to hit players in open ground, so long as they do not pass through any solid objects to do so. If you did not tail whip through the trees then you are fine. driving into a tree head on is not the same as tail whipping. I don't believe you are banned at this time nor were you banned for the incident you have mentioned in your post. I understand why you may be upset at the threat given to you via an admin. However ArmA is a very hard game to administrate. Players who are experienced, know how to push the envelope when they want. It makes our job that much harder when trying to figure out the true events of a bad situation. With that in mind, you must realize that we receive reports through teamspeak. We utilize these reports as best we can. Hazard had no proof at the time otherwise he would have activated a ban on you. Instead he issued a warning or a threat, depending on how you want to look at it. I understand this may be perceived poorly, however if you are in fact not breaking any rules then you will not be banned. Rest assured of that. It obviously got your attention which is really all Hazard was trying to do. That said, I totally agree that we should strive to be professional in all of our actions as admins, unfortunately that is easier said than done. Also, some players know that C4G will reprimand its admins so they attempt to bait them out/slander them when they have the opportunity. I for one like players to help keep our admins in check but at the same time, I am aware of players saying some negative things about our servers and community in general, when things do not seem to go their way. So I must take your opinion with a grain of salt. Anyway, Thanks for your report, I'm sure all admins will be more considerate because I will once again remind them of my expectations. At this time You nor Hazard will receive any form of punishment.
  4. Ive never gotten into starwars games before... I know a lot of people enjoy the series though. Maybe this time i will try it out? we shall see.
  5. It should be lifted at server restart. If you find you are still banned, please post a reply on this thread informing us.
  6. Lol no worries, thanks for letting us know you found the issue. This is the first report so we were skeptical but if for some reason our servers were to blame we would certainly like to get the issue resolved. Anyway, for the record it was never our intention to implement a priority slot system. However as roid has explained, we have run these servers out of pocket for years now and its been a financial burden on a select few of us. We do feel bad for any inconvenience the playerbase may experience as a result but it was a life or death decision to be honest. If we do not meet our monthly goals then our servers will begin to close. Fortunately, this method does seem to help. We have not met our goal yet but half way through the month we have recieved more in donations towards our operating costs than any other month this year.
  7. Im not sure how to explain it any better. Our admins do not have the ability to spawn anything, yet alone a "bullet proof" Chinook. We limit their tools for a reason, so they cant abuse power. The only thing they can abuse is literally the ability to kick players. If they do that, their actions are reviewed and handled accordingly. The things you are suggesting can only be true if there are actually cheats being used which I can assure you, there are none. Don't get me wrong, I would love to catch an admin cheating so I could fry his ass in public but we have looked into this matter and there is no reason to suspect foul play. What you are likely experiencing is an encounter with a tight knit group of players who have played wasteland together religiously for the past 3 years. It may seem like they are invincible but they do die, you just don't notice that as much as you notice them surviving. As of now I can assure you that you are wrong in accusing these admins of cheating. That is all I can tell you. If you wish not to believe me then there is nothing I can do about that. We have tried to provide an environment that is fair and I think we do a decent job at doing so. One thing I will agree on is that the level of professionalism has lowered recently when it comes to responses on public comments. When we first began I reminded our staff daily that we need to be respectful in every situation, even when dealing with players who hate us and say anything to trash us in the public eye. Some players join our servers, our team speak and our forums just to provoke us. Not caring about how much effort and money and time we put into making these servers decent. Forgive those of us who let our pride get the best of us but perhaps as public players who likely have never supported our efforts in anyway shape or form, you could be a little more humble when addressing issues concerning our team of volunteers. I will now go and remind everyone in C4G of our standards and expectations when addressing players. I do ask that you treat us the same way you want to be treated. It would make dialogue between admin and player much easier. I also suggest that if you cant bring yourself to trust myself and our team here, then perhaps you should find some where else to play because in all honesty, We have done nothing wrong and we will not make changes based off the opinion of a few upset players.
  8. There is a difference between facts and slander. Unfortunately this, along with the majority of "complaints" you may find concerning C4G on the internet is nothing more than slander. Created by players who have a chip on their shoulder for one reason or another. I am certain that you will find no community that is as thorough as this one, when it comes to policing admins. We have a system in place that requires admins to report their actions for oversight. We have logs that we check daily to not only catch players breaking rules but to also catch admins breaking guidelines. On top of that, the majority of our admins only have rcon access which allows them to kick and temporarily ban, that is all. Believe me when I tell you, that I take admin abuse very seriously. That is why we have structured our system in such a manner. That is also why I am confident that my admin team is as fair as you will find in this day and age, despite your bias opinion. Unlike the real world where people with authority can potentially get away with their abuse of power... that is simply not possible here when you have the proper system in place. Arma 3 does have its problems but one thing it does right is produce logs. Logs that we have become quite good at sifting through. Anyway, I apologize for any hard feelings you may feel towards us. It is my goal to achieve the best outcome for both parties granted both are being reasonable and can get past their differences. You seem to have a strong dislike for us based solely on your opinion. I'm not sure you will be able to get over that. If all you wish to do is join our servers and stir up drama then perhaps it is best you move on and not look back. Good luck to you.
  9. Hello, Thanks for showing interest in supporting our servers. This is a very new feature for us and it is one we are still developing as we go along. At the moment donations last for 30 days. They are confirmed and added manually by our admin team. Therefore it may take up to 24 hours for a donator to receive their "priority slot" on any of our servers. We do plan on implementing a automation script in the future if we can get it done... which will make these donations/rewards process instantaneously. We would also like to introduce a subscription option so that you don't have to donate manually each month. Unfortunately we are just not that far along at this point so we ask that you be patient and bear with us. I copied this next bit from our ban appeals via the ticket system: Where is my PlayerID? Your PlayerID is located on your player profile in-game. (In the main menu go to Configure then Profile) How do I get my GUID? Join any Arma3 server that has battleye enabled. If you are banned this will need to be a server you are not banned on. In the chat you will see your GUID pop up. We are experiencing minor hiccups with priority slots taking effect but we believe we have found the issue and plan on it being resolved within 24 hours. Just FYI. All donations will be credited for "lost" days so no worries. Again, Anyone who chooses to support us financially, it is greatly appreciated. We seriously would not continue to exist with out this help. Please feel free to contact us with concerns. All suggestions will be considered as we want to stream line our system to it fullest potential. Thank you.
  10. I for one agree that moving base parts during combat is ridiculous. We spent a great deal of time enforcing that rule on our servers. Unfortunately it is not easy to enforce, it requires a large admin team and constant enforcement to keep it as fair as possible. It was not something we wanted to do (removing the rule) however to remain as "official" hosts of Sa-Matra's wasteland, we were forced to. As I mentioned it takes a lot of work to enforce that rule, C4G was capable of doing that. Understandably our fellow hosts cannot keep up with the demand and therefore chose not to enforce the rule. To make it easier on the public all official servers are too keep generic rule sets so that players don't get banned on one server for doing something which is allowed on other servers. Now, I think every member here would agree, that rule was better off left instated. I think most of us thought that it would be put back into effect due to mass complaints but unfortunately only a select few actually have stepped up to mention it... such as yourself. Personally I would like to see it back and i hope it is one day allowed back for us at least but at this time the situation stands as is. Maybe we can rally some support here on the forum and then bring it up with our fellow hosting teams. (just saw elliptic's post, spot on.)
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