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  1. Planes are currently disable was ment to be for the weekend but we will see looking into something.
  2. I am assuming people have directed you to this post? If not the spawn camping is a problem an need to be looked into improving the mechanics as planes are hard to count as the aa has to leave a safezone before it can help prevent spawn camping
  3. They will lose immunity like tanks kole. You only crying because you like to spawn camp.
  4. Evening afternoon morning, so I have been throwing ideas around with sa-matra about letting AA fire from the safe zone, along with placing some AA static inside, this is becoming a constant issue I hopped on the server earlier and watch people that I know play together not shoot each other down this will be stopping or planes will be disabled, simple as that, and when an admin is doing it when he has been told not to is just not on, I get people want to play the planes all the time so the split teams then don't shoot each other down, which is wrong and these are the people that are saying not enough people to play planes tonight and they wonder why; let's split up four guys go on there we go here then just spawn camp yea easy money. I will be watching closely in the upcoming days for these air truce that are going around and will be start to kick people for it. Now breaking the limits this is something only sa-matra can fix unfortunately, we canr really enforce this breaking as we then have to go ok so pick a number between 1 and 4 then kick that one which is unfair as the system is easy broke as it currently stands. The person we kick could have already been in the air. And with the desert rats update coming soon before end of March as the vid said, I am hoping we can sneak some 1944 updates just after it comes out rather than 1-2 months later
  5. @oldhamgaming well by the sounds of it you need to wait for my upcoming vid to help you out
  6. Code 4: You asked for it. We delivered. What could it be? 1_____t_r__ Best i can give right now happy guessing!!!
  7. Please take your time to complete the polls as we are planning our next event early so they can be no issues on event day like they was on our last one. they will be a another one for HC or non HC it didn't allow me to add more questions.
  8. C4G Presents our 5.56 infantry only event Date: May 19th, 2018 Time: 20:00 CEST/ 14:00 EDT Event Details Type: 5.56 infantry only event Teams: 2 Teams of 40 players (team balance off) Map/city: Altis, Sofia View Distance: 500/800 Meters - Will be confirmed on event day Guns: Maximum 5.56 (MG off) Perks: Launcher, Explosives, Marksman & Machine Gun will be turned off Ground Vehicles: Quad, SUV, Hatchback, Go-kart, Quilin and Prowler (unarmed) Air Vehicles: Littlebird + Orca/Mohawk (spawn) Weather and time ingame: Noon & Clear Before the event - Please make sure you show up at least 30 minutes to an hour before the event so you can be assigned to a team on teamspeak: teamspeak.codefouregaming.com - Once assigned to a team, Do Not Switch. Note: Switching teams halfway through the game will not entitle you to a reward. - If you show up late, poke one of the event staff indicated by the image below and ask to be assigned to a team. http://prntscr.com/jgzysm Prizes - Every player on the winning team will receive 2 weeks of VIP + Reserve slot. - The top player of each team with the most kills will receive 1 month of VIP + Reserve slot.
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