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  1. In-Game Name DaDDy ICEPOC Age 36 Steam ID STEAM_0:1:20534010 Will you use Team Speak? Yes What C4G servers do you play on? eu5 Why do you want to join the C4G community? i play here a lot Are there any admins or members of codefourgaming that might be willing to vouch for you? cryptic, wasabi, wrein flynn, capt bulldog, fraggirl What's your favourite weapon/vehicle/playstyle? cyrus, strider, sniper Have you been banned from CodeFourGaming servers or other king of the hill communities before? no unit warning
  2. Yes, i agree, lets bring it down a level or two. Have an alert system in game. I havent dealt with server side of arma technically speaking, so i dont yet know how feasible anything is. However, if you implemented this type of bot: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/200518-rcon-discord-bot-zbot/ set a "!VONSPAM" command players can use, e.g. "!VONSPAM daddy icepoc", that could alert into a discord channel. if you see someones name coming up often, then you know you may need to have a look. If abuse is a concern, revert back to the original idea i gave you about trustee type players where you can take their word for it. I dont know if Arma supports it, but maybe mutes instead of kicks for the VON spam as it keeps people playing but keeps the problem at bay. If they do it again after a mute, kick them. I dont know how to say this without sounding disrespectful, but please note it isnt my intention or desire, i just lack the better words, but i do have to ask why you are asking me when you have a massive group of admins and some whom are technical with arma knowledge? I can write code or sql queries, but i dont know anything about the arma back end to help that way. I suppose what i am saying there is, get your admins together and discuss the problem to get ideas if you are short on them yourself, but please dont wait for the right idea, try something so it is seen that you guys want to get rid of the issue else the current attitude on the servers as they are now (my perception of them) where people know they will get away with it unless an admin is on, report or not, will not go away. @Cyunide - On the nose there.
  3. Riddle, except soul, the other posts were just as incomplete as mine that came in after... which is why i then directly asked the admin what i had done wrong to be ignored when he replied to snipez who was also incomplete. Also, seen as you are sensitive on the word 'ignorant', look at the context i am using it. It does not call the admin ignorant, it states the admins displayed ignorant behaviour which is a different sentence and a different meaning. But, this is what, the second or third time i am running into these issues and yourself coming at me personally? So let me clarify again, i am not to blame for any of the incidents. All i have ever done towards you or your admins is point out that firstly, You (riddle) keep blaming the players for the lack of control over it, and secondly point out on this occasion that it was quite ignorant the way my complaint was dealt with. FYI, if your read the log, my complaint was not dealt with as the only reason the person i was complaining about got banned was one of the complaints dealt with whilst i was being ignored was from the same team of people emilo was with. Think... if i wasnt ignored and it was dealt with, the ramming etc. that escalated after the VON spam wouldnt have happened.
  4. DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:07 Hi, #EU2, emilio. keeps screeching at a very high pitch over the mic he has been asked repeatedly to stop this is in side chat stormrunner - Today at 16:22 #US1, DarkBeard teamkilled me out of the blue jayjay - Today at 16:27 need admin on ts pls DELTΔ33 - Today at 16:27 @stormrunner Thanks for the report. Let us know if it happens again. @jayjay jump on DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:31 more rubbish loudness on the mic from emilio please can someone deal ? he i snow vehincle ramming at spawn complaint just came over side chat about it Saul - Today at 16:36 The player you wish to report: Murloc The server the player is on (and if possible the team the player is on): EU #5 The rule they are breaking: TK / Attacks friendly vehicles Proof (Screenshots/Video): "> YouTube ArmA Murloc @Staff Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:38 Reviewing DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:40 nevermind i left the server as he is escalating @RoidRage_C4G this is exactly why i was telling you the system you use doesnt work 2 other complaints came in whilst i was reporting and i didnt even get an acknowledgement whilst the other 2 get dealt with i was just completely ignored @Oli C4G also snipez .cap - Today at 16:43 lasse, opfor, eu#2, trolling and ramming DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:43 snipez, he is part of emilo team admins are not doing anything about it they been ignoring all my complaints and dealt with others snipez .cap - Today at 16:43 emilio, VON spamming and trolling, opfor, eu#2 Saul - Today at 16:43 @DaDDy ICEPOC just fill in proper format and ping staff Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:43 @Saul Resolved 👌1 !report DynoBOT - Today at 16:43 If you wish to report a player, please follow this format to create a complete report. Do so in only. NOTE: Evidence is required to report a player, your word or the word of others is not sufficient proof to kick/ban a player. Once you have made the report you may notify staff by typing @staff to mention them. The player you wish to report: The server the player is on (and if possible the team the player is on): The rule they are breaking: Proof (Screenshots/Video): Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:44 @snipez .cap can you get a screenshot with his name? DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:44 a screesnhot to show him on the mic? thats not evidence Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:45 do you have one with it? DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:45 how does a graphic image show evidence? he could legitimately be speaking so why would i bother doing that? makes no sense snipez .cap - Today at 16:46 emilio, lasse, barni, eu#2, opfor, trolling and ramming.. wrong poic.. hold oin Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:47 @snipez .cap what is emilio, doing Okay that will wor snipez .cap - Today at 16:47 all 3 are ramming.. DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:47 wow.... Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:47 I was refering to the first pic not the second DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:49 So Crenshaw, what have i done so wrong that i desrve to be ignored yet snipez making the same complaint can get a response? @Crenshaw Reddington Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:49 @snipez .cap are the other 2 still doing it? snipez .cap - Today at 16:50 now, emilio is doing that on blufor... cant take a screen im still in lobby.. but chat is spamming it Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:51 @snipez .cap If he keeps it up, tell BLUFOR to send me on evidence also are the other 2 still trolling? @DaDDy ICEPOC Okay, I didnt want to get involved in 2 things at once, what do you need? Sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring you DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:53 @Crenshaw Reddington thats nonsense response you had 40 mins to look at mine not the 3rd one in after mine Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:54 I wasnt looking 40 minutes ago DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:54 and i think it is VERY clear i was complaining about the same thing as snipex i could take the screeching no more so i left the server couldnt* Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:55 That report was around 40 minutes ago, long before sniper's report which was within the last 10 minutes ItsUberrr - Today at 16:55 PLAYER:Lasse Johnson and Emil0 constant trolling in voice chat and ramming in base Sever:EU2 Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:55 I thought someone else had already tooken care of it since I saw all the chat logs ItsUberrr - Today at 16:56 they got kicked from us side now are in russian and keep on doing it again Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:56 @ItsUberrr Can you get me a picture with his name in it ? ItsUberrr - Today at 16:56 lasse is in the truck yes as you can see in the pic he just ran people over DaDDy ICEPOC - Today at 16:56 @Crenshaw Reddington where di you see someone even acknowledge my complaint let a lone dealt with it? Crenshaw Reddington - Today at 16:57 I was scimmiing so I wasnt reading anything till i got the most recent reports
  5. I do love these posts from you Riddle! shall we post the 40-50 mins worth of info on here from Discord to show what you just said is nonsense? Love the fact, again, Riddle you are blaming the players who are trying to help for the failure. i am not to blame, i tried in vain and admins ACTIVELY dealt with other complaints continually ignoring me to the point i left the server because i coudlnt take the screeching over side chat no more. You guys even pulled me into a room and said to me about reporting and the importance etc. after i said last time about the fact your admins ignore it and now i am again to blame for reporting but your admins ignoring it. My description is entirely accurate, it was ignorant behaviour from admins, no two ways about it!
  6. Oh, and whilst i type this, people are being asked for screenshots by admins for mic spam.... i mean wtf.... common sense does not prevail!
  7. Hi, I made a report regarding a player emilo spamming the mic with high pitch and that was not even acknowledged let alone responded to. 20 mins later another complaint comes in about ramming. gets dealt with and i still doing get a response. 10 minutes later i complain again as he is getting worse, which is again ignored. 10 minutes after that, someone else came into the report channel to report the same team the guy i am reporting on, baring in mind i have told them they have escalated to ramming which has been complained about over side, and that got responded to straight away and i was still ignored. i couldnt take no more so left the server. when i challenged the active admin as to why he ignored me, i was told he thought someone else dealt with it even though not another admin had spoken at all, and then changed his tune to he was skim reading. This is EXACTLY why i said the servers are getting toxic with the side chat stuff and exactly why i said that owners and admins ARE ACTIVELY ignoring the problem blaming the users for not reporting. 40 minutes admins had to respond and stop mic spam escalating into spawn ramming on both teams. Honestly regret making a donation right now. You ignore the players in a rather blatant way, yet put up posts like the one i responded to blaming the players for not reporting!
  8. Just as a further note. Look at report a player right now. Bobby Lee Swagger is reporting a team kill. Immediate response was to defend the person with a possible known bug, but you will talk to them. Bobby Lee Swagger countered by stating this guy was talking shit over direct VON due to him killing the person a lot in the previous match to which he got a shut down type comment and asked to work through 6 hours of recorded time to upload a report. Again, constantly pushing the onus on the player. C'mon guys, support those who are trying to support you!
  9. Reason to ban: It isnt balanced to both teams. The heli isnt available on both sides Reason not to ban: It isnt against the rules or exploiting a bug. Could it be done in real life? yes. In my personal opinion, it is nonsense to say they can be easily counter sniped. 1k up is nothing more than a spec you can see (if you can see it at all) unless you are a sniper and even then, it is a big sky. This response only encourages more people to become snipers and therefore the majority will be outside the AO just so they don't get hit by it pushing the balance. Take into account only 1 team can do it, that team is now totally OP and are going to win unless the other team accept their K/D ratio will suffer. In this case, i wouldnt say the guy is abusing in any way. It is a known allowed rule and tactic and he or she is effective at that type of play. WHo here doesnt play to their strengths? The problem isnt the player doing it, it is the fact it cannot be done on both sides.
  10. Hi Riddle, thats all fair and well, but if i was in your shoes, i would have had plans in place by now to start dealing with the overall situation instead of waiting for the individual (the singular i was talking about) situations to occur. The approach Code4 seem to have is ineffective as it is easily exploited by the very things you and others are saying: 1. It happens on all servers Yes, it does, but what you are being told right now is that it is becoming intolerable and unpleasant to play on your servers at times and it is getting worse. This should be suggesting to you there is a behavioural issue spreading on your servers, not that individuals are popping up now and then where your normal approach is correct. 2. we cant babysit servers 24/7 Nope, you cant unless you literally start paying people which isn't going to work. But you could make plans to PROACTIVELY start dealing with it. I won't outlay ideas here, but there are things you can do. 3. 80% when I have joined cases like this they are already gone when I join Yep, because people sit in the report a player channel and see the reports. A message gets back to the offender and they leave knowing you won't do anything retrospectively. 4. (not said, my opinion) Admins like yourself (Riddle) provide responses that look like you have taken it personally. I know there is an element of a business within this, and I entirely get that it then becomes personal to a certain degree. But would you expect your telephone provider to tell you it is your job to stop spam callers when there was a sudden increase of it via their services? The service here is free to all, but the players are still your product, free or not, empty servers help no one which is the ultimate response to an unhappy customer. Not trying to get at you here fella, but i am sorry, it is time for a different proactive approach to deal with a situation getting worse. Then go back to the original methods when it calms down.
  11. sorry but i have to chime in here on this stance of the owners and admins. You ARE being told. These posts and complaints like mine are evidence this is going on and flaunted. you have had ample people tell you this is getting worse and you don't appear to have an action plan to resolve it. Not everyone has a PC capable of recording all the time to capture them and you admins do have a tendency to lean towards a "lack of evidence" response. So as i say, and i will repeat. We ARE telling you, via these forums, discord, and Teamspeak advising you it is getting worse. You don't allow retaliation without repercussion, so you are allowing this to happen because people know that and exploit it, so you need do something about it else this will escalate. fact is most gamers are egotistical. Once challenged they don't back down, so 1 overly shit talking on side triggers another, and another and another. It looks to me you are treating an escalating issue on a singular basis. This is why I haven't been on for a week. I want to play and have fun here because they are great servers, but the shit talking and the amount people get away with it in side chat is too much.
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