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  1. Server is full. Buy VIP to take advantage of one of the reserved slots or wait for players to leave and a regular spot to open.
  2. It's probably been like 8 months since you last played right? Everyone got their levels wiped some months ago (May?) with the introduction of version 10. This is because levels are now stored in a database, and not on your PC. And while you can not pay for levels you can input codes for double xp in game. Which will level you up in no time. Hit "~" then enter the codes there. Some active codes are v10, v11, and v12. I think tanks might still work as well as a few others. You can ask people in game or on discord for them. Also your first perma-buy gun is free (dont waste it on a pistol). And keep an eye out on discord as new codes drop every couple months as well as "double XP weekends" usually around holidays.
  3. Don't join opfor to begin with then. Everyone stacks it for the easy bonus on a win, but if getting team balanced is something you want to avoid then avoid opfor :-/ I play Indy 75% of the time and almost never get balanced. On a personal note i enjoy it when i kill a helicopter full of opfor at the very beginning of a match, knowing i just balanced a few of them XD
  4. I brought this up in discord a week or so ago, but i wanted to bring it up on the forums so more people could see it and maybe think about it. My issue is with people abusing a bug in game that allows the helicopter to fly with its rotors spooled down and silent. People are glitching their helis by breaking the blades and flying into the AO before the game can reset it. The sound/movement on the blades seems to only be restarted once they adjust the throttle, meaning they are able to fly and land helicopters in the middle of the zone completely silently and the only sound you eventually hear is at is pulls out. This gives a huge advantage to the the helicopter landing since players on the ground have no idea one is coming in, making it so they don't have time to shoot at it as it approaches. The fact that the silent engine/rotor stoppage is the result of a purposefully in game action to abuse a glitch i think should make it illegal. I have a hard time seeing as how it can be justified when any other time a player purposefully breaks the game for an advantage its frowned upon. So just wanted to put it out there, get people to see it and read about it. I see more and more pilots doing this in game.
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