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  1. (huh... thought i posted already but dont see it?... anyways) +1 long time US4 player, been around for years.
  2. Iv played with/against him quite a bit the last week or so, seems like a nice enough guy to become a member. Didnt shit talk me when i killed him. +1
  3. "The sniper is shooting from 200 in the video, seeing our legs pushing through while in revive animation" No. Your feet, when doing a revive on another person in a tower, do not stick through the floor. Got a video of this happening? A dead player's body might clip through the floor, and then jerk away when the person got rezzed, but that's it. And that's something that has been in the game since day one. So unless you know how to re-code Bohemia's engine its not going away, and just something a player needs to take into account if they decide to sit in a tower. Also your own video
  4. Actually here, found an old video of me doing exactly what im saying most APDS snipers do. The video is old, but the game mechanics have not changed. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIApXEJ5Qrw&feature=youtu.be
  5. Yeah, i know very little about the game. I only have been playing it since its release, have over 1800+ hours just on C4G servers, and closing in on 35,000 player kills in KOTH. So please, dont listen to anything i have to say, cause i clearly do not understand the game enough to have an opinion on it lol
  6. I fail to see the issue with that lynx shot... its not a glitch. It was APDS ammo. Either he was guessing your location or the game, because its glitchy, had you pop outside a wall a few times. I know the tower you are in and last night i wall banged probably 10 dudes in there from 1200 meters away no problem with a lynx. All you need is a basic understanding of the layout of those towers and you can straight up guess where to shoot people and hit them, even if you see nothing but know they are in there. The APDS is a good counter to people who sit in towers. If you dont want to be wall banged
  7. Redneck pawning and rocketman attacks _are_ avoidable tho. The issue is most times people do not want to take the time to avoid them, or change their game play in order to not get killed. They want to keep doing the same thing over and over again and just not be shot down by a redneck. Every game i tell people "swing wide to the AO", "fly a long way around to avoid the redneck", "take a strider into the AO to avoid the helis", "take a cesna in instead of a heli", "if you take a heli do not fly in a straight line", and the number of times people have listened to me is dang close to zero lol. M
  8. Most people who rocketman end up dying more than they kill, making it hardly OP in terms of the overall flow of the game. And very few people even do it. Also you can always just shoot them out of the sky. This one i baited because he was hitting our trucks as they left spawn. https://gyazo.com/ac01d2866b78af3822943c1a82f3101c
  9. Server is full. Buy VIP to take advantage of one of the reserved slots or wait for players to leave and a regular spot to open.
  10. It's probably been like 8 months since you last played right? Everyone got their levels wiped some months ago (May?) with the introduction of version 10. This is because levels are now stored in a database, and not on your PC. And while you can not pay for levels you can input codes for double xp in game. Which will level you up in no time. Hit "~" then enter the codes there. Some active codes are v10, v11, and v12. I think tanks might still work as well as a few others. You can ask people in game or on discord for them. Also your first perma-buy gun is free (dont waste it on a pistol). And ke
  11. Don't join opfor to begin with then. Everyone stacks it for the easy bonus on a win, but if getting team balanced is something you want to avoid then avoid opfor :-/ I play Indy 75% of the time and almost never get balanced. On a personal note i enjoy it when i kill a helicopter full of opfor at the very beginning of a match, knowing i just balanced a few of them XD
  12. I brought this up in discord a week or so ago, but i wanted to bring it up on the forums so more people could see it and maybe think about it. My issue is with people abusing a bug in game that allows the helicopter to fly with its rotors spooled down and silent. People are glitching their helis by breaking the blades and flying into the AO before the game can reset it. The sound/movement on the blades seems to only be restarted once they adjust the throttle, meaning they are able to fly and land helicopters in the middle of the zone completely silently and the only sound you eventually h
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