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  1. there is currently a bug that shows the servers not being up to date. Just click and join as usual.
  2. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We don't have the ability to reset stuff like that.
  3. VeX33


    Reserved slot as well as all uniforms and weapon skins.
  4. If your looking for a website that can give you a range, that is currently somewhat difficult. Eventually you will be able to look here: https://servers.armakoth.com/ For now, the best option may be by using Battlemetrics. Try searching for the CodeFourGaming servers and it will list the server distance from your location. You will be able to at least see which servers are closets to you. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?sort=score&q=codefourgaming
  5. There is a different version of JSRS that you need to run. The vanilla version does not work with RHS. Check here for the RHS versions: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1290398866
  6. It's a know battleye issue. Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done. You can try restarting your modem/router and your computer. The only reliable solution so far is to wait for a server restart. In the meantime, you should be able to play on other servers, just not that one.
  7. I think around 6 EST but could be wrong.
  8. EU is normally around 4am GMT and US is normally in the afternoon US
  9. Try renting the weapon, then close the weapon menu and then re-open it and you should be able to select a different skin for it. The weapon may not have another skin for it, but most do.
  10. Those vehicles start to unlock around level 50 or 60 if I remember correctly. There are no VIP vehicles. Weapon skins usually unlock once you perm buy the weapon. VIP has access to all weapon skins, even after renting the gun. VIPs also have access to all uniforms, and the VIP uniform. You can get VIP by purchasing a Reserved slot (aka VIP): https://codefourgaming.com/donations