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  1. Welcome S1LVER, Feel free to join our Discord and Teamspeak and hang out with the rest of the community.
  2. Sorry you feel this way, but as anyone would tell you, all of our staff play by the same rules and are not exempt from them. If anything they are held to a higher standard of not breaking the rules. If you feel some of the rules should be changed, try and gather some others and voice your opinions in a respectful manner. Posts like this will get you anywhere.
  3. Everyone was wiped as of April of last year. There isn't a way to restore profile anymore as all data is saved server side, so no one has to worry about getting wiped anymore. There are quite a few double XP codes floating around the Discord that can help you get ranked back up quicker.
  4. Everyone was wiped back in April of 2018 and everyone had to start back over from level 1. Now all profiles are saved via the server.
  5. Sorry we are just now seeing this. In the future, if you could please report someone in our Discord ( so we can have a better response time. This has be added to his profile for next time.
  6. there is currently a bug that shows the servers not being up to date. Just click and join as usual.
  7. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We don't have the ability to reset stuff like that.
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