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  1. I approve this message, brought to you by COD
  2. fun dude in game, solid teamwork all round positive guy +1
  3. Decent player and polite in game, need to get him on TS or Discord but +1 from me
  4. There are few things you need that high draw distance and even fewer on infantry. It would allow people to shoot from further out and see further in general. The mist you can toggle with shift + F2
  5. ----------------------------------------- Application Format ----------------------------------------- 1) In-Game Name: Manny ( other games its mannythemammoth or some form of that) 2) Age: 28 3) Steam ID: 76561197988274132 4) Will you use Team Speak? Already do, part of why i enjoy C4G servers 5) What C4G servers do you play on? Currently US4 infantry and EU 2 Infantry RHS but ive been on the wasteland servers a lot 6) Why do you want to join the C4G community? I've been playing with several members for a while now include Gough and Chop_u
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