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  1. Even with his limited time on C4G (92 hours as of this application) I have noticed the player interacts maturely and professionally in game. The player does have my Voucher.
  2. @Nicole I vouch for this player to become a member
  3. or you know... get to the AO, not the enemy spawn... pretty easy rules to follow and to understand.
  4. Like I said, this Post/Topic would have to be majorly fine tuned and refined for it to be even considered as a viable aspect of the game. This post was certainly not intended to be a final product but to turn from a very basic if not skeletal template into something that maybe the admins could work with in the future. I thank you both for your insight on this post.
  5. I did not intend for this to come across as that message. I believe the rules are very sufficient and fair and allow for the community to have great flexibility as a whole. I simply was striving for having a more secure environment in the KOTH servers. There are many on the KOTH servers that find ways to look for any loop-holes and gray areas in the rules that they could exploit in their favor. I simply wanted to take this ability out of a rule-breakers hands and give power to counteract it to administrators. This addition would require some amazing fine tuning and refinement that I would
  6. King of the Hill Specific. Players are not permitted to reside around the opposite factions spawn area and or base (example enemy players within 600m of Opfor spawn). The area of engagement is intended to be the target AO. This also applies to friendly factions residing in the spawn area and shooting at range. I am asking for there to be an addition to this set of rules that will give an admin the ability to warn, kick, or ban a player or players if they have deemed a player or players actions have become destructive to the game mode. Whether that is through a player or players me
  7. If this is in regards to KOTH I have always hated joining OpFor for one simple reason.... Its every low level players' wet dream. There is no challenge because it is a guaranteed victory. OpFor tends to stack their team at least 10 players higher than the closest team. These are the facts. Opfor is the easiest team to level up on because they will always win if they are stacked, which guarantees the highest bonus possible. Just because a player is high level does not guarantee skill level. (Trust me on this one, plenty of really bad high level players out there) Opfor has the
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