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  1. A message from Codefourgaming staff. As of 9/20/2016 we will no longer be using the KOTH profile cheating bans from the global WS banlist. This is not to say that we will not be enforcing profile cheating, because we will, it’s that we do not agree with the current policy that places it alongside other permanently banned (more importantly, unappealable) offences. Particularly when players are already allowed to purchase new games on new steam accounts in order to avoid a profile cheating ban, something that is only allowed for those bans. The structure we are implementing is as follows: Those that were banned on WS for profile cheating will no longer be banned on C4G servers (all other ban categories still apply). On first new offence (previous WS ban notwithstanding), offenders will receive a 30 day ban (not appealable, you will serve this time) from our servers. Furthermore if you lie or otherwise attempt to deceive staff in any manner this first offence will be permanent. The second offence, including ignoring instructions to remove former cheater profiles, will result in a permanent, unappealable ban from our servers. NO EXCUSES AFTER THIS POINT WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  2. http://www.codefourgaming.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&p=1815
  3. Well if its not happening consistently try and record it so the WS/KOTH team can reproduce and evaluate it.
  4. Pretty sure thats intended behavior as you are overweighted with gear.
  5. We already have this on every server. They scroll by every few minutes, people just dont read them.
  6. We have a Arma 3 Units setup (along with the older XML), the Units page is basically waiting on BI to finish the last of the integration and ingame logos etc.
  7. What was the email you donated with? What was the UID you donated with?
  8. A. the technical aspect of this would be high, we would need a mission file customized for the purpose (much preferable but takes time and a developer), some things could be handled from a server admin perspective but it would generally end up being very crude feeling. B. The amount of time and scheduling needed to get 40 registered players on at the same time is also a major hurdle, the amount of community input/output in regards something such as that has always been fairly low. Most people cannot even be bothered to put an opinion on a poll much less everything else (ex: the KOTH database poll had a very low turnout and it was up for months/widely announced) C. If it were to be based off Wasteland its probably better for it to run off the 2.0 version being produced now, so that new features can be prominently displayed etc. Instead of running off something people have seen before. that and a million other small issues that come to mind We have hosted events before and with the right timing they can be coordinated but it requires a tremendous amount of effort.
  9. Well they are mostly wasting their own time at that point. They cant kill anyone in the radius and the enemy can kill them just fine. The reason we no longer enforce spawn camping is because sometime Soon™ KOTH will have global rules that every community enforces the same, much as wasteland is now. Caveating off this Samatra does not want spawn camping to be enforced so we changed, he considers engaging reinforcements heading to the zone to be a part of the gamemode. This is also the reason the spawns were lengthened and shape changed to better accomodate
  10. You can hop on today, I will be on.
  11. So we just tested this and the system works fine for us. Can you provide a more specific reproduction perhaps?
  12. C4G staff will now be doing profile restores. The primary set time we have for the moment is roughly every Saturday, 8-10 GMT.We will try our best to accommodate various times in addition but we too have lives and jobs so please be patient. Post your UID in this thread if you cannot make a time and we will see about getting around to you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UID's are found under your Arma 3 profile or at the end of your steam profile URL.
  13. Resolved through help center. Correct?
  14. Membership requires a vouch from a current admin or member, would suggest playing with some on teamspeak (teamspeak.codefourgaming.com)
  15. Membership requires a vouch from a current admin or member, would suggest playing with some on teamspeak (teamspeak.codefourgaming.com)
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