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  1. At the moment their is an issue whereby people can bypass the plane priority, We are awaiting Sa-Matra to finish with V13 vanilla KOTH before he starts on 1944. That is also the same for the recent IFA3 updated (desert rats).
  2. Just a heads up Codefourgaming have an iron front koth server up now Codefourgaming 1944 EU 1
  3. Sometimes you can get a battle eye bug which means battle eye will kick you after a couple of minutes. if this does happen, you either wait for a server restart or you can reset your router. hope you're all enjoying 1944.
  4. At the moment we are waiting for an update via the IFA3 team before putting a 1944 KOTH server back up.
  5. +1 met this guy on C4G 1944 and cant get rid of him since, great addition <3
  6. The server has been taken offline as the population count had dropped since RHS was released.
  7. Have you tried resetting your router as that seems to work for me. What i do is turn it off for a couple of minutes (unplug) then plug it back in. i normally restart steam as well and that tends to work for me. Hope this helps