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  1. I wasn't able to get footage because Shadowplay recorded the wrong screen, but just now I emptied about 240 rounds out of my SPMG pointblank into someone face to face and they didn't die. It was over the span of at least a minute and a half. It was blatant hacking. Also, earlier in the night someone by the name of Andrew was one tapping people with perfect aim, with a Katiba so much so that he was being called out by a few people. I was also killed by Andrew in the same way after hitting him 3 times with my SPMG with no effect. Can we get a closer look at players on the server? Thanks
  2. That would be awesome, yeah
  3. Would it be possible to throw in some night time into the rotation? Just to mix things up a bit? Also, what about the idea of getting an additional HC server? US #2 is packed all the time (which is awesome), maybe there would be enough people for another hardcore server?
  4. Yeah, it somehow resolved itself. Thanks.
  5. Same, and it has been reset since it started happening
  6. Last night I started getting kicked for Battleeye ONLY from HC US #5, not from any other Code Four servers. I've uninstalled Battleeye twice, the mods, checked firewall/router settings. It's only happening on this one server and it's been over 12 hours. Any idea what's happening or how it can be resolved? thanks
  7. I came here just to say how much I'd love if there was a KOTH 1944 1pp only server (all the time). Makes the gameplay that much better. Please?
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