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  1. Hit the Tilde key. You can adjust foot,ground,and air. You can go out to if I remember 3k on foot and more on air.
  2. In-Game Name Quietpink Age 29 Steam ID 76561198035098633 Will you use Team Speak? Yes What C4G servers do you play on? Us4 Why do you want to join the C4G community? I was persuaded by Nicole and ben on these severs for many years Are there any admins or members of codefourgaming that might be willing to vouch for you? Chris roidrage nicole nexus What's your favourite weapon/vehicle/playstyle? Navid Have you been banned from CodeFourGaming servers or other king of the hill communities before? No unit warning
  3. Just download the a3launcher and it will auto download what you need to join the certain server
  4. Just download the A3launcher. And when you try to join a server it will automatically download the mods you need to join the server
  5. I love the revolving ao as it makes the game more fun but in sense nothing has changed. Same people still snipe and it gives a heli sniper a better advantage cause that’s where people are going to be. If snipers and or the long range scopes were removed you would have much more interesting battles coming down to the wire. Not games like they are now where it’s always one sided wins.
  6. Interesting didn’t know heli sniping was part of the fucking mission. Name one sniper who truly contributes to the team instead of just going for a kills only. As much as I hate sniping from outside the ao since at least up to 10 on each team will do it at once. Why should i have to go out of my way and change my class to go and find this heli sniper who has total over view of the map. And like you just said. The pilot usually afk which now a lot of people are using second accounts. Isn’t that against the rules to be afk. You just contradicted yourself and the rules of being afk. I’m all fine and dandy leaving heli snipers in the sky. But we should be able to use whatever means necessary to take them out including ramming. A lot of people are sick and tired of little bitches in the sky who have to heli snipe cause it’s the only way they can get kills.
  7. Here’s two video compilations a few have been wanting to see. Unfortunately smurfchris and Nicole weren’t killed in this video
  8. I was just seeing if we could add a video category. So we can add videos of early gameplay, funny arma related videos and such like that.
  9. Not necessarily you’d be surprised how many times shooting someone point blank or under 50 meters and they live just to shoot you once with a 7.62 and one shot you. Your case for just being over powered is null. I can make a better case why snipers and especially the apds lynx should be banned. All I can say is change your tactic. Stay out of the open especially to tower windows. Run quickly from building to building. Take advantage of third person and use your lean buttons a lot. To look around before moving.
  10. Well the spmg and the navid are a larger caliber so they are going to be stronger. But saying there not conductive in the game, that’s just wrong. Lmgs have more use in the battlefield then sniping does. About 8 months to a year ago this same whiny complaining was going on about the zafir being too powerful and everybody wanted it disabled to. The fact is everybody can unlock the navid and use it. Most people who complain about it are the same people who pick up one off the ground and use it. As far as I’m concerned the navid isn’t also a one shot gun as I have point blank shot many people in the head and still survived. Any lmg especially the zafir can easily compete with the navid in a close combat situation. Lmgs serve a very purpose as especially if you are someone or group who clears towers and needs the extra bullets in the belt instead of a 30 round magazine. Because your facing as much as 10 people at once and don’t have time to reload.
  11. Either you’ve never shot a gun or have no idea how ballistics work. It is virtually impossible to make over a 1000 meter shot sitting on the side of a helicopter. As I agree and I made a post about this about a year ago. To either remove heli sniping, or the three long range scopes. To make the game more competitive instead of one team always winning cause the other two just sit outside the AO sniping. But if that’s not the case we should be allowed to ram them. It’s an unfair advantage to have complete overview of the entire AO. And many don’t have the weapons unlocked yet.
  12. If people wanted to do there own thing. Then codefour could make a team deathmatch server, or remake the old wasteland server. The point of king of the hill it to complete the objective. Not just to camp 1000 meters away sniping just for kills only And to make the point above about being an open world such as people using AA on infantry and such. Shouldn’t I be allowed to ram my helicopter or plane into a heli sniper to kill them. Like you said being open world I should be able to use whatever tactic to take out the heli sniper.
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