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  1. yeah!!! lost ~200 hours of play , my lvl 70 + 750k $ and every gun unlock for each faction , so happy i know i'm not alone but it make me mad to have played all this time to end with a simple bolt action rifle instead of my usual thing personnaly i played today and i didnt see anything enought new to need a wipe of account
  2. Why a wipe ? Will account be restored?
  3. could be nice to have a aproximative date i hope soon , i hate having to fight in a normal KOTH with almost everyone wielding a zafir , being snipe from 500m-1000m and every poeple fighting whit scope on assault rifle and at least in the 1944 version vehicule are a lot less OP xD are you waiting for the Blitzkrieg update ?
  4. while you work on the server , erase the arma 3 tower , its only a noob trap and dont fit whit the WW2 theme
  5. in the server list , the koth 1944 is offline and not removed , will we see the server again?
  6. yes to all that . more weapons/skin to unlock would be very nice , i'm lvl 66 and as i can see , only the M1903 with and without scope left to unlock . to hold poeple on server your need to feed them with candy xD is the grenade explosion still kick you from game?
  7. yeah , could be nice to play in first person
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